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A red Liverpool tide, a boozer and a long 24 years

4 weeks to go and the title is in Liverpool's hands. How would those in a good old fashioned English boozer react to the win over City?

This man can make football even better!
This man can make football even better!
Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY

So the title decider gave us a winner as Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-2 and now need just 4 more straight victories to win their first title in 24 years. I'm sure for you pool fans it was one of the most draining weekends you had experienced in a while but I thought I would share a story with you.

Monday morning as it has been most of the season was an annoying, frustrating and hopefully looking ahead a rare experience to come. I hold a position of responsibility at my workplace and as such I understand the man management benefit of allowing people to express their views and experiences. Therefore each week I run the gauntlet of Liverpool fans wanting to discuss the weekends results of their team and my team Manchester United. But this week was a little different. For the first time the realisation of what could be achieved this season had become so strong they no longer wished to mention Man Utd's league position.

During the run through of the game ( yes Luis Suarez should have been sent off) one fan was detailing their experience of watching the game on Sunday lunchtime. They had gone to the local boozer (thats a public house or bar to your international readers) and had drunk a couple, ok, more than a couple pints during the match. It was pretty much full of just pool fans.

What is of interest was the reaction at full time which struck with memories of my own. In the said boozer just after the final whistle the following was reported. As a generalisation anybody 35 or under was signing, happy and very excited so nothing unusual. It was the group 35 and over where the reaction stands out. Slowly but consistently a number of the gentlemen (the ladies kept their composure as you would expect) started to cry with joy. Now I could put this down to the more than a couple, ok, quite a lot of pints. But I started to think about it. Fan's of this age had started watching football at a time where Liverpool always won. If asked 24 years ago about their aging side falling into transitions when they felt they would win the league again I guess they would have expected 1, 2 maybe 3 seasons? Surely it would have been impossible for them to consider such a period of failing to win the title coming close to Manchester United's 26 years. Meanwhile the under 35ish will have never seen their side win or come this close to the title.

The different reactions between one group just so full of excitement of the potential achievement, while the other displaying relief and the capture of former glories/experiences illustrate the beauty of the game. But my main thoughts are the lessons of taking in the moments while you can both in football and in life. As a utd fan I do not expect to have to wait 24 or 26 years for us to regain our title (you see what I did there) but it is a possibility. Whilst of course I can find little joy in watching Liverpool close in the title again, I'm one of those old enough (just) to remember the status quo of 24 years ago and before. But as you may be aware the other ed's Kellz, Mo and Dasboot are all pool fans and all looking for their first title. My best mate is a pool fan and as I have said many at my place of work are Pool fans. I and surrounded but to say they are excited is an understatement.

If I must accept Liverpool winning the title, then I do so blind to the clubs achievement, blind to the choices of a certain Mr Suarez but I will share in the joy of my friends. After that It is countdown to August and the building of the greatest MANCHESTER UNITED SIDE OF ALLLLLLLLL TIIIIMMMMMMMEEEEEE.

Enjoy the next 4 weeks.