MUFC's GW35 Player Picks

The season has flown by and we've only got a few weeks left before fantasy football is taken away from us once again for a couple of months. It has not been the greatest of seasons for me, both fantasy-wise and in real life, but its been a great season here on NMA. I really applaud everyone in this community for the way we've moved on from losing three great writers in Nik, Neal, and Jeremy, the founders of NMA, to where we are now, so thank you to everyone involved, who's stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility, bringing new ideas and perspectives to our weekly decisions. Because of that I am proud to say that our community is now more interactive than its ever been and is growing with every game week.

Onto the picks..


Lloris- After a net return of -18 pts in the past 6 weeks, Lloris' price has dropped nicely from 14.86 to 6.1 for his home match against Fulham. Be wary though, as his price has been going down for a reason, and with Fulham looking for another great escape, I wouldn't put it past them to put in a performance.

Adrian- Back to back games against Liverpool and Arsenal, have brought his price down to around 9 for the Hammers' home game against Palace.

Marshall- For those, including myself, who picked him up on the BD following his 24-point haul at St Mary's are set up nicely for Stoke's home match against the in-form Stoke. His price is still very reasonable, but Stoke are in-form..

Hart- You will not see Hart at this price every week, City will need to tighten up that defense once again to keep their title hopes alive, which raises his chances of a CS + Win..

Szczesny- Playing Hull in a must-win for Arsenal and is fairly priced..


Kompany- Very affordable way into City's defense against West Brom. Due a goal sometime soon..

Debuchy- He's back, and with Newcastle'sl form of late, Pardew is not gonna be easing him and Remy back in through appearances from the bench. Playing at home against Swansea.

Kaboul- Cheapest way into Tottenham's back 4 against Fulham.. Has had his fair share of phantoms in the past couple of weeks, racking up 9 pts back to back without the CS..

Chelsea Def- Take your pick, playing at home against Sunderland should mean a CS and possibly a goal/assist

Flanagan- Very different player than when he first started out at Liverpool.. Looked very clumsy and not cut for the top level of football, but time on the pitch and practice with the first team has transformed him into a much more composed versatile player, who often joins in on attacks.. Very promising this week..

Reid- People looking for a cheap way into West Ham's defense, probably would have found themselves with Armero on their minds, but unfortunately for us, McCartney should be back this week to take back his LB spot. Armero still might play if McCartney isn't prepared, but its risky.

Bertrand- Fortunately, though, we have Bertrand, who offers us a slightly possible CS and some defensive returns against Southampton. Frees up funds for buying back Suarez or piling up premium attacking players..


Gerrard- With Henderson out, One of Lucas or Allen is gonna come in, allowing him more attacking freedom to make runs into the boxes and take some shots.. You should not need a second invitation to this given his situation, he must be on your team..

Salah/Lampard- Chelsea vs Sunderland has always been a cracking fixture filled with goals. For Chelsea, Salah is almost definitely gonna play his part in this match and I expect big returns from him, as he is cup-tied and Mourinho will have one eye on Atletico Madrid midweek.. On the other hand, we all know how much damage Lampard can cause against Sunderland, and if it becomes clear he'll be starting, he should repay nicely..

Eriksen- Another premium middie facing lower opposition, in my team right now, but with his price tag, his spot is not completely safe.. I wish I could pick Holtby, who would've been instrumental in this one but cant play against his parent club..

Mutch- Has been quiet for a couple of weeks, but is due a goal and he'll like his chances with Stoke coming to town

Sterling/Coutinho- I'll most likely end up with Sterling because of his lower price tag, but either is a great pick against Norwich and both should be in on the action, especially if Sturridge is out, since one might end up in the hole.. Could also be Gerrard with Allen and Lucas behind..

Ramsey- I didn't BD just because of the fact that I had 5 midfielders in my BD team that I wanted to have the option of keeping.. Kinda regret it as his price jumped by 3 million to 15.38

Lallana- Lallana has got big things to look forward to this summer and beyond, and will play a big part against Villa.. His price is high, but he justifies it with his consistency..

Jedinak- What a beast.. Picked up 26 pts in the first match just from winning the ball back(TW/PI).. Should have plenty of that to do against West Ham..

Nasri- With Yaya and Silva out, Nasri will need to step up with some creativity, and will be involved in everything good that comes from City.. Picked him up in similar situations against Swansea earlier in the season, when Silva was out, and he bagged a brace..

Nolan- Unfortunately for West Ham, Nolan couldn't make it in time for Arsenal, but should be back for Palace.. With Carroll also available, the pair should link up and Nolan could go big..


Suarez- With many dropping one for the DGW, this is an opportunity to even out the playing field, and I'm gonna be buying back Suarez and giving him the armband this week.. If Sturridge is definitely out, he'll be moving up to top..

Kane/K2- Wish I had kept Kane @2 last week, but.. 13ish will have to do.. Both are fairly priced and it depends on your idea of who will perform better.. Both should get chances..

Kun- Not completely convinced, but with Silva and Yaya out, he'll need to lead City and will be very active..

Lambert- The home loss against Cardiff will have hurt, and they'll want to repay their fans with 3 pts at Villa Park.. Rodriguez and Osvaldo, who scored in the reverse fixture, are not available anymore, so the opportunities should fall to Rickie Lambert this time..

Odemwingie- On one of his best runs in a long time, scoring 4 in the last 5, and boy has he been waiting for this.. Will want to keep it going against Cardiff who have been giving away goals left and right.. (Rethinking Marshall..)

Giroud- Its not gonna be easy for Arsenal, IMO, but I think Giroud will score and get good opportunities to do so..

My team at the moment:





+13 mil..

Definitely gonna change as Suarez will be my captain this week.. Most likely to leave is Aguero or maybe Eriksen, but I really like the midfield.. Back 4 is gonna change drastically based on how Suarez fits in, and I might go Lloris or Hart..