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Week 35; pre deadline chat

Liverpool closing in out the title, Arsenal in control of Champions League qualification and Norwich facing a player who seems to have it in for them just hold safety. Who are you selecting in your fantasy sides this week, well I guess you have one Liverpool player with an armband on hey!

So green bib, does that mean he starts or warms the bench against Sunderland?  Stall has no idea
So green bib, does that mean he starts or warms the bench against Sunderland? Stall has no idea
Clive Rose

Sad news all, just the four Saturday mornings left spending too much time swapping players around in our Yahoo fantasy football squads until the season ends.  As such drop those discounts people.  Exceptions that are acceptable are Vincent Kompany at 5 and Jake Livermore at 1m for the double in week 37.

News that after being seemingly out until the world cup Wayne Rooney has been training and is suddenly fine.  On all kicks and playing his old club who are playing their own ex boss he will tempt some.  At 25m away from home and still not 100% fit he should be left alone for better options.

Here in England the sun is shining for the first time this year and it is this time of year you here the experts refers to players "thinking about their summer holidays".  Basically those mid table sides with little but pride left to play for.  Now to me, pride is a big deal but I'm not paid £50,000 a week and had a sheltered life.  Many a Premier League player does not share these old fashioned views so from a fantasy players point of view they should be bet against where possible.

This brings us to Newcastle v Swansea.  Newcastle fans are starting to turn on their manager and it strikes me their owner will not need to much encouragement to let Alan Pardew go in 3 weeks or so.  Swansea are battling for their Premier League future so this should be one where the team who needs it more, wants it more.  News of a training ground rumble will push Swanseas team performance one way or the other.  If they use it as a wake up call and have the bit between their teeth there could be some value in their players this week.

I haven't touch my side since the player picks and I don't see any Jose Mourinho quotes helping me know if he intend to start Demba Ba anywhere leaves me a hard call.

How are you teams shaping up?

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