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Week 35 Saturday live chat

Spurs v Fulham start us off and Chelsea can end the day top of the league with a win. Somewhere in between Cardiff must win.

Kane he do it again?  course he Kane!
Kane he do it again? course he Kane!
Ian Walton

So if you like your final team does it work out for you normally?

I quite like mine which normally means I'm in a mood pretty quickly into the week and it ends on par at best. Here is hoping the real points match my hopes. Ended with

Cech, Terry, Kompany, Kaboul, Puncheon, Ramsey, Salah, Lalllana, Kane, Kun and captain Suarez

Spurs starting lineup put me off Lloris to free up funds. Ramsey got beyond Giroud often in the cup semi something missing in recent weeks as it is not in Cazorla game and something needed in away games. Kane has a shoot on sight policy in the last two weeks getting the nod over K2. I dropped Nasri late even though he has the best fixture I'm just not sure how city will reply to the Sunderland game.

Who did you go with?