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Week 36 Pre deadline chat;

With a positive approach back at Old Trafford Man Utd players come back to our thoughts this week. Arsenal though have the best fixture and Man City have to win. What to do?

On hearing the David Moyes news, Danny Wellbeck remains the pro not given away his feelings.
On hearing the David Moyes news, Danny Wellbeck remains the pro not given away his feelings.
Michael Regan

Two weeks and three round of Yahoo Fantasy Football left and the blog leagues, private leagues and private cups are heading into the deciding games.  It is this time of the season you want to be picking the players with plenty to play for which brings us the question of the appointment of Ryan Giggs and the reaction of a disappointing Manchester United side.

Normal business when a new manager is appointed show an immediate positive reaction in both results and performances.  However Manchester United have little but pride and ok the Europa Cup left to play for.  It is just this that should see a team not packing their suitcases with sun cream.  All players should play with pride each and every week but particular players playing for a club with the history of United.

As Kellz and Das have mentioned in their posts the feeling and expectation is that Utd will bounce back with the enthusiasm of a teenage girl on their first date.   Ryan Giggs has promised a return to the attacking imaginative football we desire and to sum up my feelings I am actually excited to watch them this evening.

From a Fantasy point of view then, there must be some value this week.  Wayne Rooney will be in many/most sides as it appears some form of magic spray in the Utd camp has healed his big toe.  It is how Giggs sets the starting lineup around him that is hard to guess.   Carrick looks safe leaving us a mix of Cleverly, Fellaini, Nani, Young, Valencia, Adnan, Mata, Wellbeck and Little Pea all available to be selected.  Of those I'm only sure Mata and Wellbeck starts.

If I were brave I may be tempted to have a gamble with Mr Wellbeck.  He is an ever improving player, stunted by being dropped after a run of something like 6 goals in 7 games once RVP/Roo both returned for a period earlier in the year.  This decision reflected David Moyes decision making skills.  Wellbeck should have kept his role until his performance levels dropped.  Giggs has talked about the need for power and pace in the team and Danny is one of the few in the squad with those assets.  In particular the request to be positive and thoughtful in attack could inspire the young man over the remaining weeks and heading into the world cup it wouldn't hurt England if I am correct.  Come on England!

For me a poor week last week was saved by Aaron Ramsey meaning I only dropped one place to 8th.  I'm now 104 points behind the leader a gap a little too big to close but not impossible.  I would need three giant monster weeks to do it so would appreciate all the opinions the blog can give,

My unsaved team is

Szczesny , Kompany, Monreal, Alonso, Dorrans, Johnson, Ramsey, Holtby, Rooney, Suarez, Bony

I have Kun, Puncheon, Koscielny, Kaboul, Mata in the background and open to DDG, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud (is he fit), Adnan, Wellbeck among many others that tempt.

How are your sides looking and who is the hidden points monster this week?