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Week 37 player picks: double the fun

Who are the obvious players picks this week? Dare we drop you know who? lets chat,

The hitman is back now Mr Moyes is gone.  Go on you cannot resist can you?
The hitman is back now Mr Moyes is gone. Go on you cannot resist can you?
Alan Crowhurst

Week 37 is upon us and sad to say we have just the two weeks of Yahoo fantasy football left.  We will be running a world cup game all being well to enjoy in June until early July where it starts all over again.  However this season isn't done yet.  Blog leagues, Private league, blog cups, fans leagues are all up for grabs and week 37 give us our final double week of the season,

You know the rule, pick as many double game players as you can.  It didn't work out well a couple of weeks ago with the previous double but that is the exception.  So the teams who are playing twice are

Manchester City chasing the league title.

Manchester United playing for pride.

West Bromwich Albion playing for their place in the Premier League next season.

Aston Villa playing for their place in the Premier League next season.

Sunderland playing for their place in the Premier League next season.

Hull City playing to not get suspended for the FA Cup final and slight chance their premier place is under danger.

Most of you will fill your side of Manchester based players but there is possible value in all of the above sides so lets tales a look at the options.

Luis Suarez

The only single game player In the list (there are others worth considering that we will bring to you in a later post).  The question with Suarez is whether we should finally sell him if holding at 19m. It is a tough call.  Holding a vital forward line position he is always capable of finding a monster 40pt game but away to Palace on a Monday night game shouldn't be a game where he gets crazy.  My Issue is week 38.  I'm not expecting a huge haul against Palace but I very much am expecting one on the last day against Newcastle and I'd need to pay 32m to bring him back.  I'm currently saying hold but I am tempted to sell.

Sergio Aguero

Not quite back to his best and just over 21m at retail he will be in many teams.  A true big match player and City have big matches from here out.  The danger is the tougher away game at Everton may take the sting out of him for the plumb home tie against Villa where anything is possible.  He is also unlikely to give you 180 minutes over the two games.

Eden Dzeko

Like Kun unlikely to give you 180 minutes but is pretty certain to start at Everton.  He can score in clusters but could find himself swapped for Negredo midweek.  If I knew he would start twice I

would gamble with him due to price but who of you think he will?

Yaya Toure

Simple pick this one he either score and assists or does nothing.  Certain of two starts, on free kicks and maybe pens.

Samir Nasri

With David Silvas injury worries Nasri has found himself in a few teams in recent weeks but has often disappointed fantasy wise while playing well in the real world.  Perhaps that will flip around this week.

Vincent Kompany, Demichelis, Zabaleta

These three are probably 2 gamers and you all have Kompany right?  A clean sheet at Everton is very risky but the home tie against a shocking villa should provide one.

Joe Hart

As with the defence two clean sheets looks to come down to the Everton game.  I like Everton to score but City must win both games meaning they will be open and Joe may need to make more saves than normal.

Robin Van Persie

Trained last week and Ryan Giggs has talked him up as a possible for the Sunderland game.  If we get confirmation he is fit to play the weekend at an incredible 12m he is hard to refuse.  Robin will not play 180 minutes but a couple home ties seem the perfect time to ease himself into match fitness for the upcoming World Cup.

Wayne Rooney

Back in form and it seems his toe is all better.  Certain to start twice probable 180 minutes and in every team.  Is there any point in me saying anything more?  Oh right captain armband favourite I'd guess.

Juan Mata

Scored twice from the bench against Norwich he would be very unlucky not to start against Sunderland.  The warning signs are there though, not first choice last time and now RVP is back.  I assuming they share game time with each other and Mata may get the tougher game against Sunderland.

Shinji Kagawa, Ashley Young, Adnan Januzaj, Antonio Valencia

Very possible the four share game time however Adnan wasn't in the match day squad against Norwich.  Of the four I think Valencia has the best chance of starting both.  His mix of power and pace is something a united team needs and while he is no fantasy monster the fixtures are kind enough for him.

Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Jonny Evans, Philip Jones, Chris Smalling, Patrice Evra.

Giggs took the least chance with the nervy Utd defence picking Jones, Rio, Vidic and Evra.  Id expect the same back four for game one but Rio in particular could be rested midweek.  Perhaps you could go all in on the Utd defence but Sunderland come to the game having held City away and beaten Chelsea away scoring twice in each.  The form suggests a single clean sheet so be cautious.

David De Gea

At 7m we all have him and you would hope for two wins and at least one clean sheet.

Ryan Bertrand

Villa are in freefall and it is hard to pick anybody from their side.  However Bertrand has found a few phantom points recently and home to Hull is a clean sheet chance.  At 1m he opens up other options for you but may rob the bench cover from your squad.

Graham Dorrans

Mr Dorrans has been up and down with his fantasy returns and with two away tie it will take something to persuade you to pick him.  However there is always a goal in him and with two aways games there will be plenty of PI, TW opportunities.

Chris Brunt

Same as Dorrans but he should be on free kicks.  Watch out for team news as he may have to play at left back.

Marcos Alonso

Despite his clean sheet he let me and Dasboot down last week with zero phantom points.  For a phantom machine the timing was poor.  A possible clean sheet in game two and a game against a once again attack minded Man Utd should see the phantoms back this week.  I'm tempted for something different in my side.

Adam Johnson

Also let me down as Cardiff were beaten 4-0 and AJ wasn't involved in any of the goals.  Price is right and he should start twice.  Like Alonso I'm tempted.

Connor Wickham

ON FIRE with 2 goals at Man City, the winner at Chelsea and 2 more at the weekend.  This weeks must have pick is priced at ummm wait ummm ok where is he?  Im not sure I would pick him even if he was in the game, he is seriously over achieving in recent weeks.  However should he arrive in the game by Saturday morning as was priced at 10 ish I could be interested.

Curtis Davies

Will not be in many teams but there will need to be plenty of BS etc in both games and a possible clean sheet in game one.

Tom Huddlestone

Was a fantastic points return in his last double week but gone quiet since.  My concern is as their key player he may earn a rest in the Man Utd game saved for the final home game next weekend.

Nikica Jelavic/Shane Long

Both bar injury/illness will start twice.  Both are a danger in either game but both do not provide consistent phantom points.  A real gamblers pick you would be looking for a couple of goals but based on Villas mood they could do so in game one.

There are plenty of other picks but I think that should outline the obvious.

Side note.  Jose Mourinho's tactics at Anfield divided opinion on the site on Sunday however the fact was they worked on that day.  Tonight as I finished typing Chelsea are 1-1 against Atletico Madrid at Half time.  A check of the team news shows 6 of the outfield player selected by Jose are defenders!  Each to their own they say but what ever the result that is not how I would want my team to ever approach a CL semi final home or away.

Anyhow back to fantasy football despite a second poor week in a row I'm sat in 8th globally much to my delight.  I'm now aiming to stay in the top 10 and trying to break the top 5.   My BD team is as follows

DDG, Evra, Kompany , Jones, Valencia, Yaya, Nasri, Dorrans, Rooney, Mata, Suarez

Feels a little like I'm missing some value.  The last double week taught us not to discount the less obvious players (those not playing for a Manchester Club).  Like the modern day manager I will rotate by kickoff.

Who are the must have picks this week?