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Week 33 Sunday live and maybe, just maybe the barn door may open.

A couple of potential great games today with Champions League and Title chances on the line.

The verminator is back here is hoping an old school 20pt haul from him
The verminator is back here is hoping an old school 20pt haul from him
Michael Regan

Plenty to write about this morning and plenty to moan about.

First up a selfish moan.  As you know like many/most of you I suffer from Saturday morning trades and in particular last minute bright idea's, yesterday was such a day.  In the last five minutes or so I went from Sturridge to Mata to Hazard.  I knew there was a risk Hazard would not start and I normally commit myself to avoiding picking any such players as.  My thought process was that big Sam would park the bus and pack the supply line to the pool attack.  Yes Sturridge may score but maybe the tie would not be as easy as the last couple.  I had been predicting the Mata 20pt game for a few weeks now so that would seem an obvious swap.  However with news Manchester United would be missing Wayne Rooney and likely be resting Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Michael Carrick and may be fielding Ashley Young I felt this also would be a tough game (pleased to be wrong about that one).  Chelsea were and are in must win every game mode so with concern I felt Jose Mourinho would start Eden Hazard and sub him 70mins or so of course after he had already scored a brace.  So just for me I'm in Sams hands.  Should Liverpool win this writer hopes that they do so with Daniel Sturridge achieving only a handful of fantasy points.  Pickin Hazard was one of those calls where you really kick yourself, What did the kids say? mood on!

On the plus side my alternative picks have started well with Graham Dorrans 9pts and Jason Puncheon going crazy with 41pts.  Puncheons effort should balance Sturridges points even if he goes nuts but it may be a week of what could have been for me.  I'm on 80pts with Santi Cazorla, Christian Eriksen, Thomas Vermaelen and Hugo Lloris left.

David Moyes may have made a bit of a mess of a winning formula this season but the boys and girls at Yahoo are giving him a run for his money aren't they.  The latest issue started straight after deadline yesterday with some form of system crash preventing us from doing our barn door work.  As I type some 23 ½ hours later it still isnt working.  This is the latest in a number of frustrations throughout the season.  Nik informed us that from next season a new team will be running the game and hopefully they will iron out the glitches and will a little luck make a few adjustments to the game structure based on feedback, corners won anybody?

At this point I would just like to say despite the frustrations Yahoo Fantasy Football remains the best fantasy football game to play.  Any of you thinking of not playing next season should end those thought right now.  Just like Man Utd we will be back bigger and better than ever with our summer signings.

Onto today and we have a Champions League qualifier with Everton hosting Arsenal.  Everton will go 4th if they win all their remaining games, something unlikely but possible.  Whatever they must beat Arsenal today to have a chance and they cannot have come into the game in better form.  For Arsenals state of mind this is pretty huge.  Lose today and the FA cup semi against Wigan looks even more of a banana skin.  Win today and the confidence can be taken into the semi where the pressure is all on them.

From there we head to West Ham v Liverpool.  As mentioned prior I need a quiet Daniel Sturridge today but it is a game Liverpool must win. The Hammers are almost safe and haven't been the defensive rocks of early 2014.  A pool win sets up a monster game next Sunday as they host Manchester City.

Both games have fun written on them.  Now commence MOANING!!!!