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Final day pre deadline chat

Where are you in your private battles? how many points are you of your nearest rival and what are your gambles to overtake them? Is it possible there will be more drama in the fantasy world than the real one this time?

Liverpool still have one weapon left in the title race, can big Andy book his place into history?
Liverpool still have one weapon left in the title race, can big Andy book his place into history?
Clint Hughes

So one more shot at our favourite game until mid August.  Dont panic though, we will run a NMA World Cup game and throughout the summer the site will run as normal.  There will be plenty of ramblings from Zach, Gavin, Mo and myself over various football news, views and fun.

First things first though and before the deadline we have a few questions needing answers.

Will Kun start?

Manchester city do not need to win but dare city start without their most destructive player?  Well Edin Dzeko is bang in form with back to back braces. Yaya Toure and David Silva are fit if playing a little tender.  Kun also has the upcoming World Cup at the back of his mind and you can be sure Argentine FA will have been involved on Kun's fitness status.  I think Dzeko's form will decide the decision.  Normally Dzeko is one of Citys best impact players from the bench.  While they may not need it West Ham are capable of parking the bus and a certain Andy Carroll has a record against City that will give Liverpool fans a little hope.  It wouldn't be beyond possibility that an Aguerooooooooooooooooooooo moment may be needed around 4.45pm GMT today and he may need to do so from the bench.  Or I guess it could be 0-0 at 4.45pm and then Carrrrrrolllllllll.

What will the Arsenal starting line-up look like?

We have plenty of theory Wenger will play a second team today with Norwich needing football's biggest miracle comeback in history to survive.  With the pressure on Wenger and his players to end the trophy drought he would be wise to take no chances with his key players.  While Aaron Ramsey is fit again there seems no point in risking him plus the side looked flat against WBA in their final home game of the season.  You would think he will freshen the side and Rosicky, Vermaelen, Jenkinson and Sanogo may well start this one.

Who is the hidden player the majority will miss this round?

With some players having already packed their summer holiday suitcase's, others being careful not to injure themselves pre World Cup and few teams with something to play for there could be some frustration today.  What we need is to find someone who can prosper while many around them go through the motions.  I tipped up Harry Kane in player picks and he seems to fit the mold.  Young and at a club who will change their manager once again in the summer.  He must view next season with a degree of concern. With Spurs likely to have a headline name manager and you have to feel Kane is likely return to the squad role.  He really is in the shop window here with the likes of Sunderland, Newcastle, West Brom, and the promoted teams all wanting a forward Harry could seal a summer move with a performance today.  Which are the other hidden value players today?

I haven't changed my team since the player picks but now is the time to play with it.

Hart, Kompany, Vidic, Luiz, Eriksen, Dorrans, Silva, Yaya, Dzeko, Suarez, Sturridge

Once again don't forget to visit the site through the summer and thanks for all your support and input through the season passed.