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World Cup Countdown; England Name Their 23 Man Squad

Well perhaps a couple of surprises but nothing too dramatic by Roy as he names his 23 man squad. Come on England.

Roys boys are just that, as we finally try and move on with player selection.
Roys boys are just that, as we finally try and move on with player selection.
Scott Heavey

Ok lets not feel to sorry about ourselves, yes the Premier League has ended, meaning we have no more squad building in our favourite game until hopefully mid July.  However the biggest football tournament of them all is just 31 days away and that ladies and gentlemen is the FIFA 2014 World Cup.

The big news today was the England national sides announcement of its 30 man provisional squad.  Roy Hodgson named the 23 players and 7 back up players who will travel to Brazil in a couple weeks looking.   Later in the month I will preview England's chances in a separate post but lets take a look at who have made the plane.

  1. Joe Hart
  2. Ben Foster
  3. Fraser Forster
  4. Glen Johnson
  5. Phil Jones
  6. Gary Cahill
  7. Phil Jagielka
  8. Chris Smalling
  9. Leighton Baines
  10. Luke Shaw
  11. Jordan Henderson
  12. Ross Barkley
  13. Jack Wilshere
  14. Frank Lampard
  15. Steven Gerrard
  16. James Milner
  17. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
  18. Adam Lallana
  19. Raheem Sterling
  20. Rickie Lambert
  21. Daniel Sturridge
  22. Danny Welbeck
  23. Wayne Rooney

Standby members

John Ruddy

Tom Cleverley

Jon Flanagan

Andy Carroll

John Stones

Jermain Defoe

Michael Carrick

The first obvious factor to discuss some players who didn't make the cut.

  • Ashley Cole

This seems to have surprised a few.  Cole has played as consistent as normal during the string of Chelseas games he played at the end of the season and the nagging thought is that is his still the superior player to Baines.  Despite often being seen as a party boy I cannot remember Cole out of shape or any sequence of games where he has looked a fading player, to be honest although I'm sure there has been a game I cannot remember one let alone a sequence.  The logic is this tournament is too early to start Luke Shaw and Leighton Baines has played week in week out for Everton giving him the nod, while the aforementioned Shaw is on the trip for the experience.  The final point here though may be something much more simple.  England have lost 5 of their 6 penalty shoot outs and have gone out 5 of the last 8 tournaments by that route. Baines takes one hell of a penalty.

  • Michael Carrick

Whilst Carrick hasn't had a great season I admit to being surprised he didn't get picked for the 23 man squad and finds himself as a standby.   The conditions in Brazil combined with Englands constant inability to keep possession in previous tournaments suggested the need for players with Carricks strengths.  Ok he gets accused of passing sideways too much at times but that is better that giving the ball away.  He also seemed a player who could sit into the deep lying playmaker role should Gerrard get injured or run out of steam in a game.

  • Andy Carroll

A straight choice between Andy and Rickie Lambert for the off the bench impact forward role.  I think Roy has got this one correct.  Whilst Carroll can on his day scare the life of of centre backs Lamberts far superior all round game suits a side trying to evolve into a side that can keep possession.  Carroll has also spent a large part of the season injured and of course Mr Lambert takes a fantastic penalty.

Overall the 23 man squad has only 6 players who has previous played in a World Cup.  It is a squad looking to the Euro 2016 championships and looking to peak in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.  Hopefully Roy will be brave enough to pick some of the youngsters over the likes of Lampard and Milner in the starting lineups, leaving those to come on late in games to add new energy in midfield.  Again discussions on the starting lineups and expectations can wait for a separate post.

Has Roy got his 23 correct?  Who would you have taken instead?

Come on England