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In And Out, Shake It All About Part 2

New contracts, a day out shopping, some rumours and a woman scorned are worth chatting about today.

Poor Carlos has a rubbish couple of weeks
Poor Carlos has a rubbish couple of weeks
Valerio Pennicino

Well there had been a few shocks in the World Cup provisional squads and a number of transfer rumours/contract news to discuss.

JT gets a new deal

John Terry has signed a one year contract extension with Chelsea.  It will take him into his 17th senior season with the club (20 in total) and comes as no surprise after a very solid season back under his old boss Jose Mourinho.

JT gets a shop worker suspended.

Always entertaining outside of football, John had an eventful shopping trip this week.  Whilst entering a shop in London the shop assistant welcomes Mr Terry into the store then turned to her colleague and told her "he is quite good looking in real life - but he is a pig and a disgrace".  Unfortunately Mrs Terry heard the remarks about her husband.  So at this point John's reputation would be that it could get a little messy.  However in a sign of maturity asked for the Manager and reported the comments.

Costa deal may include Lukaku

Hands up if you got caught with the fantasy football troll at least once last season.  So I should be seeing plenty of hands right?  Well rumours are building that Romelu Lukaku has been offered as part of the deal to bring Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid to Chelsea.  Lukaku is a young promising player but his hold up play is a long way off Costa's currently.  It doesn't seem a right move for Madrid to suit their style of play (same reason Jose doesn't want him) but the clubs do have a relationship.

Bony to Everton

The next rumour sees Swansea City's star frontman Wilfried Bony taking Lukaku's spot in the Everton team.  He may be a season or two ahead in development and would seem a very good fit for Everton.  The price would suggest the deal cannot happen.  Swansea paid 12m for him last summer and his reputation will have grown since then.  A bid of around 20m may be needed and there is no sign Everton either have that cash or would be willing to spend it on one player.

Carlos Tevez left out of the Argentina squad.

Do you know Argentinas starting front trio is in the World Cup?  Well its Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain, pretty scary isnt it.  Tevez helped Juventus to the Serie A title with 19 goal this season.  So you are thinking why is Carlos staying at home?  The answer is Franco Di Santo, do you remember the name? Thats right last seen as part of Wigans relegation squad he move to Werder Bremen where he scored 4 goals in 23 games this season.  Hmmmmm something tell you Tevez may be a problem in a dressing room? In truth Di Santo will be out when the squad is cut to 23 and Ezequiel Lavezzi who has the ability to player wide as well as central will get the nod.

Samir Nasri girlfriend has an opinion - ooooops

Also missing as he himself expected is Samir Nasri from the french squad.  Nasri's mouth got him into the bad books of manager Didier Deschamps from which he hasn't recovered.  Any chance of a make up for Septembers Euro 2016 qualifiers may have also hit the rocks when Samirs girlfriend commented on Twitter "**** France and **** Deschamps, what a **** manager".  This was followed by a number of photos showing her in underwear etc (which this writer only viewed for purposes of this article readers) Whilst the dangers of social media have once again been shown, the damage could be greater.  Deschamps has now filed a civil lawsuit against the young lady.  To Nasri's credit he both externally at least took it well and unlike his lady said the correct comments.