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Englands Greatest World Cup Moments

We may not win that often but we know how to do magic moments, great football songs and great commentary.

I'm in one of the moments and love a Vinderloo
I'm in one of the moments and love a Vinderloo

As a proud Englishman my career following my national side has largely seen a number of failures.  We haven't won a competition since 1966 and that remains the only time we have.  Pretty poor for the home of football.  However we have had plenty of World cup positive moments and here some of the best to enjoy.

Some of you are of a cough certain vintage and will have watched these moments live.  Others including our large non English members may have heard about them.  If not sit back and watch, I think they are fun.

I hope you enjoy them, I will (tears running down his cheeks with his hand on his heart as he types).

God save our gracious Queen, long live our noble Queen , God save the Queeeeeeeeeen.

1966 and our Victory.  Geoff Hurst hits a trick and the first famous piece of commentary is born

1970 England faced worlds best player Pele.  It gave us the greatest save ever seen.  No I will not accept debate.  Imagine if this guy had access to todays sport science.

1986 and England were already in trouble after losing 1-0 to Portugal and being held 0-0 by blooming Morocco a change of tactics brought a change of performance and the launch of an english star.  Enter Mr Gary Lineker and Poland paid the price.  Martin Tyler is almost in heaven during commentary of goal 2.

Onto 1990 and to launch our bid for glory one the great football songs was released.  New order featuring a rap (oh yes) from Liverpool's John Barnes.

England squeezed through the group and were deep deep into extra time facing the country's first ever penalty shoot out when David Platt showed us the art of the volley in a dramatic way.

Skip a world cup to 1998 and yet one more star was born in 18 year old Michael Owen.  The goal that made him a star?

Oh and there was a fun and awesome World Cup Song.  Inspired by our love of alcohol, Currys, Football and more fun all sing along to Viderloo.  The Stall household has this baby on loud pre match every match and after a few pints even louder!  I guarantee Ken enjoys this one.

2002 was all about how we got there.  Stop and concentrate.  Trailing in second in the group behind the arch enemy Germany we travel to said Germany needing a win.  Now you get a number of moments to enjoy.  Do you like Owens hattrick, Steven Gerrards "Gerrard blockbuster", Germans leaving the ground at 1-4 or the legendary commentary of Martin Tyler again as Paul Scholes puts Emile Heskey through on goal and Tyler screams "England are in again, its Emile Heskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, it's fivvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee".

These are just a few of my personal favorites I hope you enjoy

Altogether now "and we all like Viderloo we're gonna score one more than you ENGLAND!