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In And Out, Shake It All About Part 3

The world most expensive centre back goes for £50m while a certain legend of barter system returns.

He failed in his Luiz bid by offering a 1990 Escort and a shiny cup that will give you three wishes - honest mate its a steal.
He failed in his Luiz bid by offering a 1990 Escort and a shiny cup that will give you three wishes - honest mate its a steal.
Mike Hewitt

Somebody in Paris plays too much Football Manager

Jose Mourinho said early last season that the 2014/15 season was the one he would win the title.  Whatever your opinion of him he is a man that tends to achieve the majority of his goals.  His changes to the squad he inherited has continued with the revolving door continueing at Stamford Bridge.

Paris St Germain have agreed a quite amazing £50 deal to buy David Luiz from Chelsea.  Whilst Luiz was something of a fans favourite at Chelsea, he is never more than a solid centre back and often is less than that.  By agreeing the fee PSG have rated Luiz beyond his value by a country mile.  Sure, he can now play week in week out with his international partner Thiago Silva but wow, I mean just WOW.  Simply put, no matter the possibility of Luiz improving, £50m was way too much for the club to refuse for their 5th choice centre back.  Next question how are PSG buying these players considering the financial fair play rules?

Meanwhile the club have released Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Samuel Eto'o.   The trio will find plenty of interest in them but to stay in the Premier League a sizable wage cut will be needed. It still remains possible Lampard/Cole could yet agree a one year deal on much reduced terms.  I guarantee you one thing, a certain "Arry" may be making a call or two in the next few weeks.

Ohhhhhhhh Stokie, Stokie, Stokie, ohhhhhh Stokie, Stokie, Stokie

Stoke City have released Matthew Etherington.  The left winger was a consistent fantasy scorer if not a consistent real life player.  In return they have signed Sunderland's out of contract Phil Bardsley on a three year deal.  A excellent deal for Stoke as the 28 year played some of his career best football last season.  I imagine Bardsley will be first choice right back but can also cover either full back position.  Those of you who picked him up at 1m last season will have seen a period of very nice points return.  If you developed a soft spot for him you will be glad he remains in the league for selection,

Money men watching their pennies/dollars/Baht's etc

Manchester are a club already punished under the FFP rules.  Restricted spending in the summer will be interesting and of course Yaya Toure is not getting enough respect for his efforts just a tasty cake which will need addressing one way or the other.  Meanwhile City have released Gareth Barry, Joleon Lescott and Costel Pantilimon.  Of the three Pantilimon is the surprise.  He came close to pushing Joe Hart out of the starting 11 permanently and certainly his presence forced an improvement from Hart.    Assuming then City nailed their colours to Hart I guess he will go looking for first team football of his own.  Should Hugo Lloris move to PSG then Tottenham have an easy option.  Barry would be a logical signing for Everton after he had once of his best seasons in the league there last time out.  Lescott would seem a good fit for Tottenham.

Sam faces the sands of time.

Sam Allardyce has the dreaded vote of confidence but has been tasked with a top 10 position next season matching the 2012/13 achievement.  They will need to spend to come close to this bold target.  There is a general correlation to wages and league position and West Ham Utd do not have the 10th highest wages in the league.  The obvious problem is the following season when the Hammers move into the Olympic stadium.  There is the necessity to be in the Premier League when this happens and Big Sam is your man to ensure they are.   The compromise seems sensible.  Whether it lasts seems is to be seen.  However, with the fans already calling for Sams head he needs a fast start and a exciting transfer or two.  Clearing the deadwood out began releasing Joe Cole, Jack Collison and George Mccartney.  None of these players are on the up and are very much deadwood.  I wouldn't even suggest a promoted club take a risk on them.  Wait a minute Joe Cole, hmmmm has he a friend called "arry"?

Boots that fit

Leicester City has signed their first summer signing (they will need a few) picking up Marc Albrighton from Aston Villa.  Albrighton is an ideal fit for them.  At times frustrating but largely the type of player you want in a battle playing wide.  He forced his way into the Villa first team late in the season and like Etherington at Stoke is a better Fantasy than real player.  Nigel Pearson is a pretty formidable man manager and it is possible he gets more out of Albrighton than his previous managers have.

Welcome back old friend

Queens Park Rangers won the £134m playoff game with ten men.  More to the point and all we really care about is the that always fun Harry Redknapp is back in the Premier League.  Here in the UK Sky Sports seem to base their ive closing transfer window shows on the man who always seems to have a deal to be made late in the day.  Hopefully his signings will have plenty of flair to entertain us.  With QPR's owners loving a deal as much as "Arry" we should has some fun to come.