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The Barn Door Live: Week 37

We're down to the penultimate game week of the season, and it's an exciting opportunity for managers to make a final push up the rankings with a double week for six teams.

Laurence Griffiths

With the late Wayne Rooney injury news, there was a mad scramble for many managers to find a team they liked. I can count myself among that group, as I agonized over my choices into the late hours of last night. I wound up going against the grain with a team full of quite a few differential picks, so I'm definitely nervous about my prospects of finishing inside the top 500. Hopefully I won't drop out of the top 1000, though. Anyway, here's where I ended up:

Mannone, Jones, Davies, Kompany, Bertrand, Yaya, Brunt, Nasri, Suarez, Wickham, Aguero (c)

There's an obvious lack of United representation there, which wasn't necessarily intentional, but I couldn't find anyone I was sure would start and make an impact with the uncertainty over Rooney.

How did your team wind up? Who are you counting on to deliver the fantasy goods this week? Let's chat!