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World Cup Live Chat: Group Stage Round 3

We've already got more than half the teams decided for the Round of 16, and there are some major upsets so far. We'll find out the last few teams to go through into the next round over the next two days. Who do you think will advance?

Is this the end of the line for Suarez? Should he play again this World Cup, or at all?
Is this the end of the line for Suarez? Should he play again this World Cup, or at all?
Matthias Hangst

I can't say enough how amazing this World Cup has been, with underdog teams like Greece and Costa Rica advancing beyond the group stages, and major world powers like Spain and Italy dropping out. Unfortunately, a lot of the glory and amazing stories about this wonderful tournament will be overshadowed by another frustrating, disappointing, bizarre and frankly idiotic display from Luis Suarez.

As a Liverpool fan, I've been doing everything in my power to support Suarez despite the moments of madness, because he's a player on the team I love. It finally looked like, after an entire season (barring the six matches he didn't play because of last season's incident with Branislav Ivanovic) without incident, the Uruguay striker had turned things around and started gaining the respect and admiration he deserved for the quality of his performances.

Now, though, after a third biting incident, I'm done supporting him. I don't know what will happen with regard to punishment from FIFA and whether that will carry over into club play, but I genuinely hope he gets the maximum penalty. I don't know what else will help a man who is clearly troubled and hopefully isn't in control of the sort of negative displays he's shown on the pitch in the last couple years.

In any case, we've got more football to watch over the coming days, and we've got plenty of teams still capable of advancing to join the likes of Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Chile, France, et. al in the next round. Who do you think will move on from the last few groups? How is your fantasy team doing? Let's chat!