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World Cup QF Player Picks

Eight left standing and one of those is not USA booooo or England BOOOOOOOOOOO. Guess I better pick Messi then but who else?

NMA blog Fav faces his biggest test next.
NMA blog Fav faces his biggest test next.
Clive Rose

Is this the most open World Cup Quarter Final draw you can remember?  Without a clear Word Class team the games will come down to the performers on the day and the official's decisions.

Looking ahead to the player picks it is a wide open call.  It seems what we really need to do is find the players who will play deep into extra time where the blocked shots etc mount up and the chances for goals/assists increase.

Jasper Cillessen

On paper perhaps the Netherlands are the strongest favourites in the QF.  Costa Rica scored 3 in game one but 1, 0 and 1 in their last three.  Almost certain to be everyone's keeper due to his price.

Keylor Navas

For you if you continue with picking the weakest side's keeper.  He wont beat Tim Howard's 15 save's or the hero in the Algerian goal.  However facing Robben he will have shots to save.  If the Dutch run out of gas then the biggest upset yet could take place.

Daley Blind or Stefan De Vrij

Both 4m both have a chance of a clean sheet and blind may even get a few crosses into the box.

Per Mertesacker

BFG was a blocked shot monster v Algeria but is soooooo slooooooow as giants tend to be.  France do not play with forwards who run in behind like the Algerians did.  He may have a tough game but one more suited to his strengths.  Set piece goal is due as well.

Jose Maria Basanta

In for the suspended Rojo he will start.  He is a centre back playing left back so don't expect too much going forward

Pablo Armero

A goal threat from defence at 5.5 you may like to consider this player.  With Brazils fullbacks getting no protection his overlapping runs could bring joy.

Christian Zapata

If you do not like Armero for 1.5m less you can buy Zapata and so far they both have scored 34pts.

Eden Hazard

At the price not a pick and showing little sign of form.  However he is a big match type of guy and his Belgian team face the first of the big boys in the competition.  Argentina will push up and there will be space.  On pens as well.

Kevin De Bruyne

Playing behind the forward and may have increased confidence after his round of 16 goal.

Angel Di Maria

We haven't seen the best of Angel and perhaps the Champions League final has taken the string out him a little.  He is a fantastic player and with an engine that goes on and on.  Scored the winner in the round of 16.  Perhaps he more likely to assist than score.

Toni Kroos

The pick of the german midfield Kross looks a star to me (LVG buy this man if you can).  Consistent and constant danger on the edge of the box.  Like the big fella at the back he is due a goal.

Mathieu Valbuena

A constant menace  and livewire.  A summer move to the prem would be great as he seems a perfect Yahoo player.  If Germany apply sense they with have a plan to deal with his supply line.

James Rodriguez

Or HAHM-ez to his buddies.  This guy has had a amazing world cup.  Matching and breaking records with his boyish looks he may have doubled his value in 3 weeks this year.  Already he has said it would be his dream to play for either Barcelona or Real Madrid he may need to concentrate on the QF rather than the sequence of new commercial deals rumoured just signed.  He is the form player in midfield and we all will have him.  I'm in the minority here but I'm saying Brazil mark him tight, tackle him firm and unless he gets a pen he doesn't score this round.  Still in my team though.

Juan Cuadrado

Four assists and quietly one of the stars of the competition.  Cheaper than jayrod at 6m but will also have some closer marking than they have had so far.  One of those players with so much talent he could go big or have a shocker any game.

Lionel Messi

Involved in EVERY goal Argentina have scored.  In everyone's team this round.


He scores, he doesn't, he scores and he doesn't.  Simple then it is his turn to score.  On pens and Brazils outstanding player.  Keep a keen eye on injury news though.

Arjen Robben

Cheat and irritating man.  But is the dutch biggest danger with pace, drive and hunger.  Cheat but in many peoples teams.  Cheat.

RVP - Robin Van Persie

Louis Van Gaal isn't messing about.  Makes RVP captain getting great response in game qualifying and opening game.  Gets booked twice misses game three.  In the round of 16 he was poor and subbed.  LVG has shown Red Robin the danger of under performance means him being subbed or worse and I expect a response.

Thomas Muller

Germanys best attacking player and seems to have an unlimited engine.  Gone off the boil goals wise and facing a dangerous french side.  I like the germans to win with their proven big game mental strength and Muller to add to his goal tally.

Karim Benzema

Will play in a wider role and on pens.  We saw how loose the German defence can be if you make the correct runs.  Benzema does not tend to play off the shoulders of the centre backs.  He does tend to move around though which may also give him joy plus on pens.

Joel Campbell

Should you fancy the big upset than the pace and positive attitude of Joel may tempt you as a bench option.  With the Netherland/Costa Rica last up he becomes a perfect bench option.

Divock Origi

Blistering pace he should have had one or two v USA.  At 4.5m worth a bench option should he start as Argentina leave all sorts of space in behind.  Will he start after the Troll broke his streak?  I would start him and I really like a goal from him in this game.