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Aston Villa Fantasy Preview: Doom And Gloom

Oh to be a Villa fan at the moment.

The star player shows the fans favourite pose.
The star player shows the fans favourite pose.
Chris Brunskill

I have been to Villa Park on a number of occasions where every time I go, that's EVERY TIME I go it is the same. They are funny passionate bunch of fans but the glass is always half empty and they start moaning within 5 min of kickoff. Something tells me nothing will change with their views if asked today.

The club under the management of Paul Lambert has fought off relegation back to back seasons with their fans largely are unimpressed with his style of player and signings. The feeling is of a club tempting fate should they not adapt this year.

Aston Villa have two quality players

Christian Benteke - 9.01m

"Tekkers" to his friends has been a consistent attacking weapon for the club. He saved them two years ago before becoming a summer target for Tottenham and Arsenal last year. Villa somehow kept hold of him signing the player to a new deal. The thought process was they could probably demand a higher feel this summer after a hopeful successful second season. An unfortunate ruptured Achilles tendon ended his season early and took away a Word Cup from him ending a summer move. The player is back in light training but it is unclear if he will be ready for the start of the season and we won't know how the injury has affected him for a while yet.

Ron "concrete" Vlaar - 9.16M

Who knew he was such a solid player? Villa fans of course. Vlaar was excellent throughout the World Cup and Villa have made a mistake not tying him down with a new deal. He has just the one year left on his existing contract so seems a cert to be head hunted before the season starts. Where he ends up will decide whether he tempts you early in the season. Rumours of enquires from Southampton, Liverpool and Manchester United suggest he won't be a villain long.

The club clearly need fresh blood on the pitch and one or two signings that catch the fans imagination. Who have they bought so far? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh dear

Philippe Senderos - 6m

Picked up from relegated Fulham as perhaps the replacement for departing Vlaar this is a signing that only a fantasy player can take anything from. Without doubt he weakens the Villa side in the real world but at 6m may tempt as a filler certain to start in the fantasy version.

Kieran Richardson - Not in Yahoo yet

He we have a stereotypical English player. Talented, given a chance as a huge club (Man Utd) bar the odd moment pretty much fails to match anything near the expectation he had years ago and yet still finds himself offered a new deal at a new Premiership club once again. I hope he is in as purely a squad player rather than a first team regular and Lambert instead gives players like Lowton and Bennett chances ahead of him but I doubt that's the idea. Still our concern is fantasy where he does score ok. So should he come in priced as 4-6m defender he will get interest in home games while being a bench option away from home.

Joe Cole - 4.34m

Around 2003-2007 Cole was an excellent player. Then wearing Chelsea colours under the management of Jose Mourinho he was a talent England had hoped would develop. Unfortunately Cole is and always was injury prone. A sequence of them pretty much ended his career as a consistent high level performer. Moves to Liverpool, Lille and West Ham Utd had the odd moment of Joe Cole magic but they were very few and far between. His price will tempt you and again I assume he starts if fit.

Whilst I wish Villa well the three signings are as uninspiring as I can imagine. Sure due to prices they find themselves playing for me in the odd game as the world of fantasy is only loosely linked to the real one. If further more expansive signings do not arrive I fear for Lambert and I really can see their Premier League place under more danger than I can ever remember.

End of Negative article.