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Beat the Bloggers Leagues Are Open. Join Now!

As we gear up for the beginning of the 2014-15 Barclays Premier League season, we at NMA are back with the ever-popular leagues for our fans to try to get the better of us--and their fellow readers--over the course of the season. Think you can do it? Come join!

This is your year, right? You can win it all!
This is your year, right? You can win it all!
Mark Thompson

As you are all surely aware by now, Yahoo! has decided to redevelop their Fantasy Premier League game after a disappointing offering last season led many new and even long-time players to jump ship. While the change may have come too late for some, signs are certainly encouraging for attracting new interest in the game with the development of a sleek mobile app and a revamped desktop layout. While we are still working to help resolve some of the issues present in the desktop iteration, one feature that is definitely working properly across all platforms is the ability to create private leagues for users to join.

I'm pleased to say that the now-famous Beat the Bloggers leagues are back for yet another season, along with the coveted Blog Cup, which we'll follow up with as we approach the Week 1 kickoff. Before we get to league codes and passwords, though, let's establish some ground rules.


  1. You are only allowed to join one BtB league. Any team found in more than one league will be removed from all leagues beyond the first one they joined. Please save us the time of having to do this.
  2. New leagues will be opened up as existing ones are filled. If you don't get into a league before it fills up, there will be more leagues. Please be patient and know that we are checking in as time allows to see if new leagues need to be created.
  3. Once the season starts, please do your best not to change your team name. It will make keeping track of everything much easier for us throughout the season. Adding a tag (i.e. [@NMA-Blog]) to the end of your username is fine.
  4. Have fun. This is a friendly competition amongst some competitive people. Let's keep it amicable.
That's it! Without further ado, here are the first couple Blog League codes for the Yahoo! game. New league info will be added below as it becomes available, so check back often:

Beat the Bloggers 1

League ID: 7260

Password: mnb7u1n

Beat the Bloggers 2

League ID: 7264

Password: g61t3bc

Beat the Bloggers 3

ID: 7748

Password: 4ewy8

Beat the Bloggers 4

ID: 7751

Password: t92oi

Beat the Bloggers 5

ID: 9900

Password: 1un7ee

Beat the Bloggers 6

ID: 12180
Password: 6fjone9

Beat the Bloggers 7

ID: 18379

Password: g4mes


There are also some other opportunities to join leagues in the Yahoo! game and for other fantasy games.

Nik Argiropoulos (co-founder of NMA) has set up multiple Yahoo! leagues over at his current home, RotoWorld, who offer some pretty great prizes for their own cup competition throughout the season. The leagues are filling up fast, but the latest league codes are regularly updated in this article.

Ming W has created a league for the "regular crowd" here at NMA (ID: 5006, Password: j27h4c9). For the Americans here (woo!), Alehouse WAGs has created the American EPL Fans league (ID: 4670, Password: yzpte9).

For fans of the Official EPL Game, I've created a Beat the Bloggers league there as well. You can use the code 435744-112922 to join up there as well.

Finally, I am excited to announce that I have been asked to write weekly Player Picks articles for the FANTRAX fantasy game, which is modeled very closely on the original Yahoo! game from a few years back. I'll be writing these articles at the Fantasy Football Challenge website, which will be updated in the coming weeks. If anyone is interested in playing the FANTRAX game, let me know and I can set up a league for the NMA crowd over there as well.

I'm so excited to get started, and am looking forward to seeing everyone in the Blog Leagues. Hopefully I can keep up with it all! Cheers!