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Week One: Pre Deadline Chat

Here we go, here we go, here we go ............. Here we go, here we go , here we goooooooooooo

is BFAY really back?
is BFAY really back?
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we, are after weeks of digesting the new rules, positions and prices it is countdown time.

The tighter budget has caused me problems all week.  I just cannot get a squad where I don't feel I'm missing out.  Of course this means the game is back to where it was prior to last  seasons experiment.  Still I kind of miss the Real Madrid look to my starting 11.

Anyhow, now is the time time to debate those last minute choices. It will change but as its stands my starting 11 are

Green, Chambers, Moore, Baird, Sterling, Mata, Ramsey, Lamela, Rooney, Austin and Sturridge

I'm not content with it and with the Tony Pulis news I feel I need to consider more Arsenal attack.  My own team Man Utd will improve under LVG but today's starting lineup should not run fear through Swansea City and I wouldn't be surprised to see early nerves in the Utd backline.  I'm flipping between Austin and Bojan up top and its not impossible Rooney or Sturridge are downsized to spend the limited money elsewhere.

Important note the deadline is now 11.45am UK time

Therefore we are unlikely to see the Manu/Swansea line ups pre deadline.  For those of you looking at the Little Pea as an option we now will not know if he starts or is saved for his rumoured Juventus move.  Damm.

Lets chat