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Week 1: Saturday Live Chat

Onto the bread and butter 3pm kickoffs.

Guess who's back
Guess who's back
Alex Livesey

So will the Manchester United board finally understand the squad are more than a new manager away from being the Utd of old?  As a fan lets hope so.  Thanks to the greed of the Premier League the opening fixture was on a station I do not have/are willing to pay extra for so I cannot comment on the performance.  There will be new signings and hopefully before we go to Sunderland in what is looking a testing game next week.

Meanwhile "siggy  is back.  I just couldn't pick him as OT and missed out on around 25pts going for the safe Mata pick who returned just 5pts.  Ken picked siggy and sits as one of the world leaders so maybe his predicted 1st after week one is on.  Maybe not as we don't seem to have a global game yet (hoping that appears quickly).  Rooney scored but we all have him right?

Utd lost, Mata flopped and I'm in my first mood of the season.

Slow start for my teams but there is always hope.

Just for the record i'm on

Schmeichel, Moore, Bardsley, Chambers, Ramsey, Mata, Lamela, Sterling, Rooney, Bojan and Sturridge

Lets chat