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Week 1 Sunday/Monday Live Chat

We're only a day into the new Premier League season and there's already plenty of drama to talk about. What do the remaining three fixtures have in store for us?

The top two from last season are in action today. Will they pick up where they left off?
The top two from last season are in action today. Will they pick up where they left off?
Mike Stobe

What an opening day yesterday! We have so many talking points to discuss -- everything from Louis van Gaal and his new Manchester United squad falling victim to Swansea, to debut goals for new players and Crystal Palace nearly pulling points off of Arsenal without last season's manager of the year at the helm. Yet, once again, the biggest talking point from the day was an issue with the Yahoo! Fantasy game.

For those of you who weren't around, there was a brief time after the deadline yesterday morning when many of the newly added players dropped in price down to 5.01. This included some of the most expensive new transfers like Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa and Thibaut Courtois. Many managers were alerted to this glitch and were able to pick up a number of them at a deep discount.

The discussion here at NMA is likely similar to the one other groups following the Yahoo! game are having, and it's a bit contentious. Do you keep the players at discount because you were quick on your feet and an opportunist, or do you drop them/abstain from picking them up altogether to try to operate on a level playing field to the majority of the game's players?

It remains to be seen whether Yahoo! will be able to fix the pricing glitch, but no matter the decision you've made, let's try not to boast or hold it over our fellow bloggers' heads. As I said yesterday, I have opted not to pick anyone up at their discounted prices, but I can't blame anyone who did. The decision is a personal one and there's no fault in either choice.

Today's action will hopefully have us forget about the mishap from yesterday, with Liverpool facing off against Southampton before Manchester City face Newcastle. Chelsea will close out the week on Monday against newcomers Burnley.

Who do you think will come out on top in today's matches? What are your predictions for who will top the table after the first week? Who are you keeping an eye on for the Barn Door? As always, good luck to you all, and let's chat!