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Week 1: A Few Quick Fantasy Thoughts And How Did You Do?

Taking a look at the weekends happenings seems right on a Tuesday night.

My best player week one with 23pts
My best player week one with 23pts
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Premier League opening weekend showed us much we knew and a few bits and pieces we didn't.

As a gentle introduction here are some points relating to Yahoo Fantasy Football in week one.

Chelsea look awesome but the fantasy points will be well spread.

I can see a number of weeks when we moan that we picked the wrong Chelsea star.  Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Oscar, Schurrle even all the possible defensive combo's the power the Chelsea squad has makes finding the correct choice difficult.

It seems many picked up Cesc and Costa for the next round after assisting twice and scoring once between them against Burnley.  Don't be surprised if its Hazard and Oscar scoring and assisting this week.

Rooney is the only Manchester United must have

While based on the current squad the title looks well beyond them, Wayne Rooney or captain Rooney may carried on as normal.  At just under 17m before his 20pt game he has moved to over 20m to buy.  Selling him now means you may not be able to get him back.  But away to Sunderland looks tough (they do well against the big boys don't they) and even at 17m you need a goal every week.  News that RVP is fit may make your minds up moving forward.

Mother nature shows us the way.

Ashley Young earnt his photo in my pre deadline post on Saturday after his pre season form.  Once the real matches started however, he did just what he has done most weeks since joining manu and flopped with 3pts.  You knew he would, when during the game he was running around with his mouth open, ok, giving opinion, when a bird dropped his load right into Youngs mouth!  Some of you may have missed it so here you go.

I have this mental image of the other birds high fiving the fella that landed that bomb in the shot of the season already.

I was waaaaayyyyy off with Villa

So i warned you didn't I.  I said Villa are terrible and their new signings are the worst I can remember in the league.  Kieran Richardson rolled up with 7pts four more than the birdman and Senderos score double figures and got man of the bloody match!  Amazing.

I will not learn and really want some attacking Newcastle in my team week 2, any ideas?

Kun is awesome

The rule of thumb on returning injured players is to wait until they are match fit.  Sergio Aguero breaks this mold.  He is consistently getting injured but when he comes back he just goes straight into being Kun.  Off the bench at Newcastle and he immediately is the biggest danger on the field scoring a SOT and goal in moments.  City must start him Monday.

Yahoo glitch was just a mini Barn door

Seems there was some strong views on the latest glitch with our favourite game.  We wait to see how Yahoo address this and I hope they just revert all players prices back to week 1 to keep people calm.  However, I just thought I'd give my view that this gave certain players an advantage but one not much different to the barn door itself.

I have always though this feature is one that should be removed from the game.  For a number of years I played Yahoo without a home PC so the BD was never an option for me.  It is debatable how much effect it has but you cannot argue it is an advantage to be able to BD.

As a guide, prior to the net arriving in our household, I broke the top 100 once in about 5 years.  Since in the last three years I have one top 500 one top 100 and one top 50.  True, I have also found this community and that probably has been a bigger factor.  However, I have a current life where I happen to be about when these moments occur in general.  That will not always be the way and I'd be happy if we can make no transfers until the prices have adjusted in future editions.  Currently, unfortunately the game isn't quite an even playing field for those who cannot BD.  Just my view, feel free to give your opinion.

Siggy is maybe more awesome than Kun.

I love players that are better fantasy players than real ones.  Laurent Robert was one of my all time heros in this format.  Siggy is the only outfield season keeper in this years game.

Kenneth M is the man

Sir, I do not know how many points you ended up with (were you not just off 100 with the Liverpool boys to go).  But this man is working on a different mental level to many of us, forecasting the keeper flop that was week one.  Perhaps a strange moment of synchronicity as Ken having felt the energy shifts and using his telepathic abilities produced a ten man team explanation that not only entertained but set a standard for the season.  Sir your powers are at their maximum.  Guide us for week 2 my friend.

101 points for me.

I picked the goalscorers ok but dropped Siggy for Mata and put no effort into my defence or keeper.  A good not great start for me.  How did you do?