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Week 2: Pre Deadline Chat

Are you all in on Chelsea or holding your stars from last week?

The No1 pick in most peoples teams, could he be a trap?
The No1 pick in most peoples teams, could he be a trap?
Laurence Griffiths

Morning all.  First up apologies, we had planned to start a live chat yesterday but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we couldn't get one up.

We still intend to roll one out but are aware due the time differences of our readers from all over the world It will be difficult to provide it to suit everyone.  Ideally we would like to find a middle ground in terms of time to have our live chat.  We would welcome you views so we can see what suits as many as possible.

Onto the pre deadline chat and a few questions to start us off.

  • Will you go with Wayne Rooney or Robin Van Persie or neither?
  • Which of the multi Chelsea attack will you choose?
  • Can you resist Alexis Sanchez and Diego Costa at around 5/6m?
  • Of last weeks midfield hero's Aaron Ramsey and Raheem Sterling, who do you keep, who do you drop?
  • Who is the pick under the radar that we are all missing?
  • Finally after last weeks success who are the two mystery picks Ken has teased us with?

Lets chat