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Premier League Week 2 Sunday/Monday Live Chat

We're only two weeks into the new season and already there are only 6 teams with the possibility of maintaining a perfect, winning record in the league. How many teams will remain after today and tomorrow's matches?

Facing off against his former club, will Caulker have a big day or remind Spurs fans of why he was sold?
Facing off against his former club, will Caulker have a big day or remind Spurs fans of why he was sold?
Charlie Crowhurst

With Swansea City coasting to victory on a first-half goal from Nathan Dyer and Chelsea relying on a much-improved second half performance to claim victory over Leicester City yesterday, they sit together atop the table on 6 points. Incredibly, only two weeks in, the maximum number of teams that can join them there is 5. Three quarters of the teams in the Premier League will have already experienced a draw or defeat after two matches, which should mean we're in for one of the most competitive seasons ever.

Those remaining teams who can find themselves with six points and join Chelsea and Swansea are Tottenham Hotspur, Hull City, Liverpool and Manchester City. Spurs and the Tigers will be in action today, facing off against QPR and Sunderland, respectively, before last season's top two face off to close out the week on Monday night.

Who do you think will emerge victorious from these matches? What investment do you have left from these teams for your fantasy squad? I've got Tom Ince, Raheem Sterling, Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturridge to add to my average 64-point return from yesterday. Benching Aaron Ramsey has proved to be a poor decision, but I'm hopeful my remaining quartet can make me feel better about leaving his 13 points behind.

I've seen some very good scores here, which is really encouraging! I hope once we get the Global Rankings we have quite a few inside the top 50, which looks possible with some of you guys already over 200 points. Great work, and good luck for the rest of your players!