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Week 3: Pre Deadline Chat

Are you all in on City? Do you think Manchester Utd can finally win a game?

Any temptation for your team in week 3?
Any temptation for your team in week 3?
Chris Brunskill

Morning all.  Just the one more round of Yahoo fantasy football until our first break of the season.

Today we should see a so far impressive defending champion Manchester City squad go into the break with 3 straight wins.  A Home tie against a Stoke City side that has yet to get going should see plenty of interest in City's players.

Sergio Aguero is back but we are not sure how much and what section of the game Kun plays.  You would think this would seem the ideal game to start him giving the leagues elite forward an hour or so.  It does feel like we should have him and I currently do but it does seem like we should continue with the wait and see approach.  What are you views?

Later on in the match of the day Everton give Chelsea their first test of the season,  A certain Romelu Lukaku will be licking his lips to try and prove Jose Mourinho wrong in the first meeting between them.

Our love/hate relationship with Lukaku means we won't pick him in such a tough game and he then hits a brace.  However Everton have started unbeaten but unconvincing so far.  Blowing the 2-0 nil lead so late last week may have dented confidence.  Feels like a classic Jose 1-0 or 2-0 away win to me if Everton do not spark into last seasons form.

My team as every Saturday it seems, needs work

Courtois, Kompany, Cresswell, Janmaat, Ramsey, Siggy, Cabella, Cesc, Costa, Jovetic and Kun.

COsta will prob go and I think I may take Kun out as well.  Ramsey has been playing below par but scoring crucial goals.  I may switch him to Kellz tip Alexis Sanchez.  Joe Hart remains the best keeper pick and I really liked Zarate's performance last time out.

Lets chat