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Week 3 Sunday Live Chat: Super Mario Edition

One controversial, headline-making media pariah of a striker out, and another straight in for Liverpool as Mario Balotelli has replaced Luis Suarez in Mersey Red. Will he be a super star, or will he be too much for the Premier League to handle yet again?

He's back! Which side of Mario will we see on display today?
He's back! Which side of Mario will we see on display today?
Jamie McDonald

There is plenty to talk about in the Premier League so far, including the absolute thriller of a match that took place between Chelsea and Everton yesterday, but there's perhaps no bigger story than the return of one of the most infamous players in the world.

Tottenham were crushed both home and away by Liverpool last season, largely inspired by the play of Luis Suarez. Fast-forward to the third week of the new season and Liverpool have lost their best player, lost their first real test of the season against Manchester City, and perhaps lost some of the momentum that took them within a couple points of winning their first title of the Premier League era.

Spurs, on the other hand, have looked brilliant so far this season and are one of three remaining teams not to have dropped points this season. Will that change today, and will Super Mario be in the center of the headlines, for better or for worse?

While we're focused on the match of the day, there is also action between an impressive Aston Villa side and Hull City before we close out the day with a match between Arsenal and Leicester City. What are your predictions? Who will you be keeping an eye on, and how is your fantasy week going so far? Let's chat!