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Week 4 Sunday/Monday Live Chat

The majority of the action has already taken place, but there are still two matches left in this gameweek, and people will be eager to find out whether Manchester United can pick up their first victory of the season.

Alex Livesey

Yesterday was a bitterly disappointing day for me from a football perspective. I watched in agony as Diego Costa scored a hat-trick and taunted me with his 38 points from my bench, which is a decision I can't explain, then watched as Raheem Sterling came off the bench but couldn't turn the game around for Liverpool as they fell victim to their bogey team Aston Villa. Sterling's cameo and 3 point performance meant Costa's points will remain on my bench, but the Liverpool defeat hurts more, as Arsenal and Manchester City had dropped points in their 2-2 draw earlier in the day.

It sounds like the majority of you had a better day than I did yesterday, though, and I've seen some excellent scores from a lot of you. Who do you have left from the next two matches? I am still waiting on points from Angel Di Maria and Aaron Cresswell, but it would take a miraculous performance from both of them to help salvage my week. I currently sit at 47 points for the week, so I'll be hoping to hit 70 points to at least call it a mediocre week.

Have any of you opted for any of the United new boys? Radamel Falcao is on the bench, but Daley Blind and Marcos Rojo are in the starting eleven. What are your goals for points this week? Good luck!