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Round Table Discussion: Radamel Falcao (Pt. 1)

We at NMA along with most of the football community were shocked as the rumors broke that Manchester United had made a move for Ramadel Falcao on the final day of the Summer Transfer Window. With a medical successfully passed and a loan deal secured, how does this move impact United's remaining season? The NMA editors give their thoughts, so let's discuss!

Mike Ehrmann

What an absolutely sensational transfer move by Manchester United in the final hours of the deadline day. But with agreed wages in excess of 350k a week and a loan deal totalling an astronomical 20mil for a 28yr old, albiet a world class 28yr old, the deal for Falcao feels like it has a tinge of desperation to it right? Nobody can argue that Falcao wouldn't improve any team around the world, but was it the right move given Manchester United's deficiencies namely at CB and in Midfield? Our NMA team gives their thoughts on the incredible transfer deal:

Gavin Wright - DasBoot_8:

The sheer amount of incomings and outgoings during the summer transfer window has skyrocketed in the past few years, as television revenues balloon and the game reaches more and more people across the globe. There have been three clubs in the past two seasons who have brought in a massive number of new players in one window: Tottenham Hotspur last year, and both Liverpool and Manchester United over the past few months.There are obvious similarities, of course, but it's where they differ that sets a precedent for how the clubs will fare over the course of this season and beyond.

In the case of Spurs and Liverpool, the spending sprees were funded largely by the sale of their biggest name. Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez were each replaced by a bevy of new players at their respective clubs, and while the jury remains out on whether these players will be successful in England (in either their first or second season at the club), the net spend of the teams wasn't so astronomical as to put the clubs in poor financial stead.

For Manchester United, though, there hasn't been a big-money sale to fund the massive rebuilding of the squad that has taken place this summer. Despite rumors of a move to Chelsea last year, Wayne Rooney remains a United player for the coming season. Danny Welbeck's transfer to Arsenal is the biggest departure for the Red Devils this window, and barely covers the cost of the cheapest of the team's incoming transfers (Daley Blind at £14m). With more than £150m spent on new players, the United owners have put a massive amount of pressure on the club to finish in the top 4 to be able to afford their summer purchases beyond this season.

Perhaps the biggest point of concern, though, is the wage bill. Prior to the arrival of Radamel Falcao, United already had the highest wage-earner in the Premier League in Wayne Rooney, whose £300,000/week is surely more than anyone could ever need or justify earning. That Falcao comes in above that and there are multiple others on the books at United earning in excess of £100,000/week means United are spending at an incredibly alarming rate. The story is eerily similar to Leeds United in the early 2000s, who incurred massive debt to fund a push for Champions League qualification and, when they missed out on their goal, had to sell the majority of their big name stars, eventually crumpling under their debt and going into administration. They have yet to return to the top flight of English football.

If United fail to qualify for the Champions League, which is already looking like a challenge with their poor start to the season, I'm genuinely concerned they could "Do a Leeds" and go down the slippery slope of financial mismanagement. Even as a Liverpool fan who can't stand United, it's not something I'd wish on a club with such an illustrious history in the Premier League.

Mo Killeeny - EGYPT:

I would give Manchester United a 7 out of 10 for their summer transfer dealings. I still couldn't believe that they didn't sign a productive CB/Midfielder, two areas which needed immediate improvement. I am sure all Man United fans will agree with me in that matter! Signing Falcao for 20m for a season ( 6M loan +14 Wages) is absolutely crazy for a 28 year old who just had a cruciate ligament injury. If Falcao hurt his knee again then his career might be in jeopardy, so I think that it's a big risk for Man United.

The only bright spot was the signing of Di Maria. He is such a talent and will give the team a completely new dimensions going forward. Other transfers including Marcos Rojo, Daley Blind, Anders Herrera, and Luke Shaw are good signing but over terribly overpriced.

I still see Man United finishing outside of the Top 4 even with their new acquisitions. Their defense is still lacking the players that would suit Van Gaal's formational system and it will take the team some time to gel.