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What To Do About Mirallas After PK Miss?

Kevin Mirallas blatantly disobeyed manager Roberto Martinez, along with teammates Romelu Lukaku, Stephen Naismith and Leighton Baines in the match against West Bromwich Albion on Monday evening.

Probably the last penalty Mirallas will take, at least in an Everton jersey.
Probably the last penalty Mirallas will take, at least in an Everton jersey.
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

As you can see in the video below, the Belgian midfield player ran to the penalty spot and refused to let Baines, Everton's regular penalty taker, have the ball. Mirallas subsequently missed the penalty that could have provided the Toffees with their first Premier League win in 5 matches.

Mirallas was replaced at half-time by Bryan Oviedo. Manager Roberto Martinez has stated the half-time substitution had nothing to do with the missed penalty, and has yet to make a definitive statement on what his plans are moving forward.

What action to you think Martinez should take? Should Mirallas be suspended? Fined? Dropped from the team? Or should everything resume as normal and as if it had been Baines who missed the penalty?

I, for one, would entertain the idea of selling the player given the lack of respect it shows towards both the manager and the entire Everton team. However, given Martinez's response when questioned following the match, it doesn't appear as if Mirallas is in for much punishment. It could be a case of the manager wanting to take some time to figure things out, though.