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Transfer Countdown: 7 Days to Go

Liverpool win the rumour of the day hands down. While Collymore has high ratings of young Mr Delph.

Coming to the Premier League soon?
Coming to the Premier League soon?
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Everyone is back to work today so hopefully the rumours will get more and even more crazy as the week unfolds.  For today we have these.

Pogba has options

Juventus coach Massimo Allegri has admitted Paul Pogba could leave the club.  The 21 year old has been Juve's star player this season scoring this stunner in the weekends 2-0 win over Chievo.

Allegri praised the young midfield talent but regarding the likelihood of keeping him warned "Everything in life has a price, unfortunately.  I don't think it is a problem we need to consider right now".  "it is difficult to replace world class players, but it can be done, as football goes on".

Pogba will have his pick of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United in the summer window then.  Whom it may be maybe influenced by the next rumour.

Will there be no summer galacticos

Real Madrid are under investigation by Fifa for their signing of underage players.  This revolves around the signings of Manuel Godoy and Fernando Macias in 2012.  The players were on a tour of trials which included AC Milan and River Plate.  Before they ever got to them, Real are reported of snapping the players up using an intermediary who has a football school in Madrid.  Godoy was signed at 12 years of age in 2012 and Macias at 14 in 2013.  Macias currently players in Rayo Vallecano within their youth system.

Real now have a month to file the paperwork proving they have not broken the governing bodies rule.  Being specific, Article 14 only allows the signings of under 18's from outside the EU is the players parents have had to move to the country where the club is based for non-footballing reasons.

Any ban would eliminate any chance of the club signing the likes of Pogba or David De Gea in the summer.

He is worth HOW MUCH?

Following on from yesterday, former Aston Villa, Leicester City and Bradford City forward Stan Collymore believes Fabien Delph could still move from Aston Villa in the summer. Collymore said "Contract possibilities. A) Possible release clause if AVFC relegated. B) an agreed trigger figure should another club meet it.  Let's say 30M"

30m!!!! Not the price I would have used as an example.  Perhaps much more like 10-15m for me.

Fantasy football?

If you believe the Metro newspaper Liverpool Manager Brendon Rodgers is just putting the final touches to a £38M deal to bring French superstar Karim Benzema to Anfield.  They go further and state the move could happen in the January transfer window!

Hmmmm now hands up all of you who would move from sunny Madrid, home of the Champions League favourites for a reduction in pay, to cold and windy Liverpool's for a Uefa Cup and top four chase?  Someone has been playing Fifa 2015 too much.

I'm missing something here

Finally Tony Pulis is closing in on a deal to bring Callum Mcmanaman to West Bromwich Albion from Wigan.  Mcmanaman was very impressive late in the 2012/13 season In Wigan's battle for survival and FA Cup heroics.  At just 23 has time to progress.  I wonder what it was that put anyone off signing him when they went down last season.  Still the talk is of a £4.5m deal which again seems suspiciously low to me.

Which deal do you think is more likely?  There is a poll below but please comment on why you voted for your choice.

Have you heard any gossip from the grapevine on your club?