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FPL Week 9: How Did You Do?

With the weekend matches over, it is time to step back and take stock of how our fantasy teams did this weekend!

Raheem Sterling rewarded his owners with a terrific match. Were you one of them?
Raheem Sterling rewarded his owners with a terrific match. Were you one of them?
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Well, that was an interesting weekend of matches! Who had Newcastle scoring not one, not two, but SIX goals today? On top of that, was anybody brave enough to have one of the Magpies in their lineup?

It was a big weekend for some individuals as well.  Raheem Sterling took advantage of Sergio Aguero and David Silva being absent to notch a hat trick, which was impressive. Until Georginio Wijnaldum went for four of his own today.

A big name was left on the pine pony, as Eden Hazard did not start; meanwhile, some other big names found the score sheet, with Diego Costa, Alexis Sanchez, and Wayne Rooney snatching goals. Yes, Rooney scored. Not a typo. I know, I'm shocked too.

We also had the debut of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, and I know many people tried to get a player or two into their lineup, hoping he would instill some confidence into the team. Unfortunately, that match ended in a 0-0 draw, depriving people of "new manager syndrome" points.

So let's take a look at how we did on a fun weekend of Premier League action. I'll start off!


Despite the absence of Sergio Aguero (who I have for $4000 below market value), I was able to rack up 140 points on the weekend. I was helped by two goals from Jamie Vardy and a penalty from Johan Cabaye. To top it off, I got a stoppage time tally from Dimitri Payet to cap off a four goal haul. David De Gea added 17 points for me in a clean sheet win over Everton.  With a match to go tomorrow, I've moved up almost 30 spots and now sit 49th out of 462 active users, with the 44th highest score this week.

Official Premier League

The Premier League game saw me slip up a bit. I missed the transfer deadline, so I had an injured Aguero in my starting lineup, and Memphis did not start for me. I somewhat got bitten by Mahrez subbing into the match, as I had Vardy as my vice captain, and his two goals would've been nice to have as a double score. Alas, I got eight from Mahrez and thirteen from Vardy....and not much else. I do have Gomis still go tomorrow, but a total of 47 points for the week hurts. I will get two points from Micah Richards and Yaya Toure coming in for my absent players, but barring a big score from the French striker on Monday, it will be another poor showing. I sit dead last in the "experts" league (although only five points are needed to get me a win and pull me level with the 8th place team), and I sit in 983rd place in the "Beat the Bloggers" league. Sad.

Togga Perfect XI

I had a really good week in Togga, with 148.75 points. That is despite Pelle losing me three points, Hazard (yeah, I didn't get him out in time) giving me a bagel, and Kompany doing the same thing. Alexis, Payet, and Bellerin helped carry the day, but it's not enough as it appears I've scored less than half of the "Perfect XI" score, currently sitting at 357.75 with a match to go

Draft Kings

This is where I cleaned up this weekend, in a huge way. First of all, big shout out to our guys from DFSportsGods, as they gave some great analysis leading up to the weekend and were spot on with Bony and Payet. I played three lineups on Saturday--two of my own and one from them--and I won big. I took home a 250% profit on the day, winning all three of my Double-Up contests (finishing 3rd, 3rd, and 8th of 20), followed by finishes of 18th and 19th (with my two different lineups) in a 287 team tournament. All in all, a great haul, cashing with every single one of my entries.

Don't forget we have Champions League midweek, and we will be THE place to come for analysis, insight, and help with your DFS lineups!

Did you have a successful weekend in fantasy soccer? Who were your big performers, and who did you wish you had left sitting at home? Join us in the comments discussion and brag, vent, and discuss!