KM's Week 10 Player Picks: Fantasy Wars

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One day a young lad decided to venture out and discover the world. His journey's took him far and wide until one day he stumbled into a wondrous land full of games and excitement. Everywhere the eye could see there were people laughing and enjoying life. The young lad immediately decided that here, in this amazing place, he would call home.

Everything was perfect at first, but soon after things began to change. While so many in the land were happy and successful, the young lad was experiencing sadness and failure. He had heard stories of a man who lived high up on the mountain who had infinite wisdom and could help all those who went seeking his knowledge. His name was Obi-Nik-Kenobi.

The young lad went to the mountain and saw that the stories were indeed true! The boy found Obi-Nik and so began their journey together. The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months and then years but Obi-Nik could not teach the boy the ways of wisdom. Since time began, no Kenobi had ever failed to transfer his wisdom to his student and this failure spawned a horrible evil. With each passing day the evil in the boy grew stronger and stronger and Obi-Nik grew weaker and weaker until the day came that Obi-Nik could fight no longer. Obi-Nik was vanquished from the mountain and darkness surrounded the village. The boy ruled the mountain with an evil hand and all those who went seeking his knowledge fell deeper and deeper into the darkness. The people named their evil so others could be warned of the darkness and only the brave dare speak the name out loud. That name is KM!!!!!

Some say Obi-Nik will return one day and bring joy and happiness back to the village. Others say the evil KM can never be defeated.

Until that day of reckoning occurs, there is but one path to follow!

If you are to must embrace the dark side!

I bring you:

KM's Week 10 Player Picks:


Costel Pantilimon: Sunderland are home to Newcastle who came roaring onto everyones radar this week with a massive 6 goal tally over Norwich. Pantilimon has been average at best but Big Sam has had a few weeks now to get things rolling and Newcastle (with one exception) have struggled to score goals. Not looking for much excitement here but I see strong chance for a good return from the Sunderland man.

Rob Elliott: Let us take a hard look a the flip side of the fixture. If there has been anything from Newcastle that has impressed at times this season, it has been their defenders. Extremely aggressive and physical they are more then capable of taking on an extremely weak Sunderland attack. Low cost+Low risk=good play.

David De Gea: He is by far the best option left in Fantrax that won't break the bank. If home to City scares you, stop reading and move on. Manchester United will be up for this game and I assure you they are not worried. DDG has a strong chance to be the highest scoring keeper this week by a huge number. Feeling lucky? Well do ya punk?


Kyle Walker: Hard to believe his price has not gone through the roof like so many others, so what are you waiting for? A great fixture and a well priced in form defender. You better have some amazing discounts if you are passing on him this week. He should be in your team.

Danny Rose: Not a Walker fan? Here's your Huckleberry. Got his first regular start of the season last week and casually put up 15 points. I see no reason why he won't return for an encore performance. One of these two or both should find their way into your line ups.

Vincent Kompany: Well, look who's back in circulation. Manchester City defenders are a scary lot with rotation and the, always conceding when you pick one of them, so if you want safe pick. chose a defender like Stones and not Kompany. Should be extremely active on both ends of the pitch and if I had the room I would take the chance. Watch late week reports and if he looks to go he will not hurt your team this week.

Jonny Evans: Need money to splash on a high priced player then Jonny Evans is a fine budget option this week. On the road at Norwich who always seem to get a goal from somewhere has it's draw backs but West Brom are more then capable of shutting down an out-of-sorts Norwich side.

Pablo Zabaleta: Priced under 5 in Fantrax this is wrapped and ready to go. need me to persuade you on this one?

Daryl Janmaat: Not sure why I am including him. In my option he has not played well and his price does not match his form. All that said, I just have a feeling he will have a very good week. Good fixture to come away with a few SOT and a clean sheet.

Alberto Moreno: Home to a sometimes very dangerous Southampton will have many overlooking Liverpool options but he is almost certain to give you a return on investment and give you a stake in what is sure to be a very interesting game.

Ryan Bertrand: Hasn't done very much since returning to the starting 11 over at Southampton but Liverpool could find it tough to get heavy on the score board giving a possible nice return from a defender we all know can go big when you least expect it.


Christian Eriksen: Amazing that his price remains what it is, so if you have missed out on all the other big name discounts so far this season here is the man for you. Away at Bournemouth will give him a ton of room to maneuver and it would be understating it to say everything the Spur's do will go through him. If you have the space he should be in you line up this week.

Robbie Brady: The absolute safest addition to you midfield week in and week out. Playing at home to West Brom and coming off a pretty embarrassing team performance against Newcastle, will certainly have a fire burning under many Norwich players. Win, lose or draw you will be happy you have him this week.

Mesut Ozil: Not sure what more you could want from a midfield choice. Price won't break the bank. In as good of form as any player. Plays on a team who shocks you when they score less then two goals. I try every day to find a spot for him in my team, so if you have room don't hesitate as he is fixture proof at this point.

Ander Herrera: I absolutely love this pick this week. I only wish I knew the possibility of him starting. Maybe our United fans can help us out some here. If it looks like he will get a run out, he is cheap as chips and could be an impact player in huge weekend game.

Gylfi Sigurdsson: This is just a hunch pick. Swansea were just horrible in their game with Stoke on Monday and Sigurdsson didn't even start! He has hardly made a whimper all season. I would have not wanted to be a Swansea player this week after that game and I see them coming out guns a blazing after that performance. Another poor showing at Villa will leave the Swans facing a monster Arsenal team the following week in front of their home fans which is (even a better motivator) to do well this week. I feel we will see a much better side with several SOT for Siggy and maybe a goal!

Eden Hazard: One of the best players on the planet has been called out by his coach in front of the entire world. Now I guess one of two things can happen here. (1) Hazard gets benched again which could start a chain of events leading to Chelsea's top player wanting out. (2) Hazard starts, and is forever known as Haz-zilla to all West Ham fans!!


Romelu Lukaku: Lukaku is a troll! He frustrates! At times he is just out right horrible! He will also terrorize Arsenal this weekend! Who's with me? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Bafetimbi Gomis: For all the same reasons Siggy made the list, Gomis follows right along with the same train of thought. He was just horrible Monday and has been for the past few weeks. It is a bit of a risk to have him take up a prime striker position considering his form but you have to take a chance every now and then and this (for me) is worth a chance this week.

Odion Aghalo: I am really starting to like this guy. He plays as hard as any player on any team and he has a great eye for the goal. Playing at Stoke has some draw backs but he could have 10 SOT this week when it is all said and done. What can I say..the boy loves to shoot!

Dieumerci Mbokani: Let's see you say that three times real fast! This is a great budget option this week. Talk about players who like to shoot the ball. Cost is great. Fixture is good. whats there to worry about?

Daifra Sakho: I know not many are thinking Chelsea will hold a clean sheet on the road or even at home lately. Sakho could just have to much speed for the Chelsea defenders and he WILL HAVE opportunities galore in this game. How much he makes of those opportunities we will see.

Aleksandar Mitrovic: Always a risk for a card, we all know that, but he draws as many fouls as he gives and he is just tenacious in his will to score. A great budget option with a great fixture.


I want to finish by saying I understand there are MANY top players not on the list. I wanted to offer options that could be overlooked or those players who could realistically transfer into your team with little effort. I hope there is something in there that can help.

Oh...welcome to the dark side!