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Fantasy Watchlist: Jonny Evans is revitalized at West Brom, and is a bargain for your team

The long time Northern Ireland International has locked down a starting spot at West Bromwich Albion under defensive guru Tony Pulis, and is a bargain at the defender position.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

There is an old saying that goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure" and this assuredly applies to West Brom's Jonny Evans. Considered excess baggage for manager Louis van Gaal at Manchester United, Evans completed his transfer to West Bromwich Albion in early September and has thrived at the central defender position, when healthy.

The cost for Evans, who put in 131 appearances for the Red Devils since coming up through their academy, was £6 million. That looks like a bargain considering the impact he's already made for the Baggies defense.

Of course, his health is an entirely different matter; he has a history of injuries and his hamstrings are always a concern and make him a bit of a risk. However, he has started in the past 6 matches for the Baggies delivering 15 points in the Fantrax game last week.

Evans remains bargain priced at only 4,845 in Fantrax and only 4.8 in the official game, he is a bargain. I would also add that Tony Pulis is notorious about conservative, ugly soccer, defensive oriented tactics and the aggressive Evans is sure to benefit from this scenario, as he has already. Norwich's outstanding wingers, Nathan Redmond and Matt Jarvis, were throroughly frustrated in WBA's 1-0 victory last Saturday.

I would also add that having an inexpensive certain starter, of course, makes more cash available to spend on more attractive attacking options, so while more exciting options are certainly in your plans, Evans represents a great player to draft into your side as we head forward.

His schedule is a bit mixed in the near future, at home vs an attacking Leicester and then at former club Manchester United and home to Arsenal before some attractive fixtures arrive again in December. However, his value is sure to rise soon and if West Brom can put up a few surprise results you could have a great differential on your hands heading into the kinder schedule. At the bargain price he affords, he is well worth your consideration, particularly as the new back four get used to playing together in the ultra-conservative Pulis system.