Juventus Transfer Strategy and Style

Being a Juventino at heart and fallowing the team closely for many years, allowed me to notice some patterns in their business style that have made me think. Are they the recipe for success or they are the stumbling blocks being the most successful team not only in Italy but in the world. Here are some of the tendencies I have noticed not only in the teams management but in the Juve family(fans) as well.

We are always looking for someone's heirs.

I will give a few examples as of lately. Del Piero retired we started looking for the next Del Piero (Giovinco didn't cut it). Nedved left (Krasic? please). Pirlo left, now we are looking for the new Pirlo. Even we are trying to make a Pirlo out of a great player in Marchiso. Yes they all have done tremendous things about the team and us the fans but there might not be next Del Piero and Pirlo and quite frankly there wont be. So why do we have to limit ourselves to certain type of player or formation when we can find other great player with different qualities that can do just as well and if not better?

Why isn't our coach doing the transfers?

Yes I know Marotta has done very, very well. I give him all the credit for the good business he has done since coming on board but are we the only team that the coach has no say about a transfer? For me that is very odd. And that has been our way of business for ever.

And so far it seems to be good way of business. It does bring a lot of success. But can we do better? Maybe we could have won one or two of those 6 lost finals in the Champions League if we didn't play with the same types of players for decades.

Let me guys know what your thoughts are?

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