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Week 25: Wednesday Live Chat

Can the Saints and Red Devils keep pace in the Champions League Chase? Could Chelsea go one step closer to the title? and its Pardew v Newcastle round one .

Any chance Manu's best attacker can play in attack?
Any chance Manu's best attacker can play in attack?
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Last night saw both Arsenal and Liverpool pick up 3 points in the Champions League race.

The Gunners made hard wolf of Leicester City and almost blew it.   Had they started Olivier Giroud they would have had the game won at half time, just saying. The win moved them into 4th.

Liverpool meanwhile couldn't stop Harry Kane but still won a mini classic with a Mario Balotelli winner.  This win moved them 1 point behind Tottenham Hotspur and 3 pts behind the 4th spot.

Hull City and Aston Villa didn't draw 0-0 as we all thought.  Instead the 2-0 home win may have cost Paul Lambert his job.  When the fans start asking for change within the grounds it can be a matter of time.  It seems Tim Sherwood didn't get the WBA job, won't get the Queens Park Rangers job, so maybe he will call Villa Park home.

Finally Jermain Defoe and Sunderland not only became the first team to drop points playing home to QPR but got a one sided beat down losing 2-0.  Sunderland are in a better spot than this time last season but it looks like they are very much in a relegation battle for now.

Tonight we round off the fixtures with

West Bromwich Albion v Swansea City

Stoke City v Manchester City

Manchester United v Burnley

Chelsea v Everton

Crystal Palace v Newcastle United.

Southampton v West Ham United

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