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Global Rankings Finally Available for Desktop in the Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League Game

It's taken two thirds of the 2014-2015 season, but Yahoo! has finally rolled out global rankings on the desktop and mobile versions of their fantasy football game.

After a long wait, the global rankings are finally here!
After a long wait, the global rankings are finally here!
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It seems like an eternity since the days of adding Luis Suarez to your Yahoo! fantasy team, slapping the captain's armband on him, and sailing to a 200 point week, but in reality it was less than a season ago that we were enjoying the Uruguayan's stellar point returns.

Another thing we all enjoyed, and perhaps took for granted, was the ability to check where our points tally for the season landed us in the global rankings for the sake of comparing how we matched up to the top players in the world. When Yahoo! rolled out their second "all-new" game in two seasons to begin the 2014-2015 year, there were a few features that were conspicuously absent, including the global league table, along with a number of glitches and bugs that had a negative effect on the game as a whole.

All credit to Yahoo!, they've worked throughout the season to take feedback they've received from fantasy managers to improve the game. One of the people who has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between us fantasy managers and the development team at Yahoo! has been our co-founder and former writer Nik Argiropoulos, and I'm sure it was a major relief for him to be able to finally tweet the message below earlier today:

Although it's taken until the final third of the season to have the rankings available, it's definitely a sign of better things to come for the Yahoo! game next season. If they're able to continue ironing out the other issues throughout the rest of this season, we could see a major resurgence in the popularity of the game given the potential for the new game to be among the best-designed interfaces for any of the fantasy Premier League games that currently exist. Hopefully it's not too late for some of those who were disappointed by the game's flaws this season to give it another shot.

I have to admit, as welcome a sight as it is to see Yahoo! have delivered a solution to the biggest demand amongst its players, I wasn't at all happy to see where I currently stand in the overall rankings. It's been a dreadful season for me (in fact, my worst ever), and as a result I'm just barely inside the top 10,000 players in the game. I'm hopeful to make it to the top 5,000 by the end of the season, but I couldn't be more ready for a shot at a fresh start in what will hopefully be a flawless system next season.

Are you excited about the addition of the rankings? Let us know where you stand in the rankings, whether you're pushing for a spot near the top of the global league or just hoping to manage a respectable finish to a difficult season (misery loves company).