KM's Top 10 Players to Take You Across the Finish Line

Is Daniel Sturridge on your radar for the final run in? - Clive Rose/Getty Images

With the season closing in on a fantastic finish, we are going face tougher & tougher decisions on who exactly the MAIN PLAYERS will be over the home stretch.

BUT there's no need to fear...KM is here!!

(1) Sergio Aguero

I will start by stating his retail price is to high and if you do not hold at a discount then look elsewhere in order to balance out your team. However, if you hold under 14 as many of us do then unless he is CONFIRMED out for more then 1 game you need this man on your team.

(2) Diego Costa

There is no real hurry here but AFTER the blank week you will need to find a spot for him if possible. Chelsea will need to finish strong and he will be the work horse for this powerful team.

(3) Harry Kane

Like Aguero, only if you hold him at a discount. His retail price will send your team into a downward spiral. However, a discounted Kane is like Christmas every week.

(4) Wilfried Bony

At 10.78 if Aguero is out of reach then this is your man. We could be on the verge of a City explosion with Yaya Toure and Bony back and starting. This is one show you will want to attend and not be on the outside looking in.

(5) Mesut Ozil

I know many will come unglued over this pick but I will calm you down some by saying his discount price is 80% of this decision BUT 20% is pay retail if you have to. Once he gets his engine started he can roll out the fantasy points and from my vantage point I see no signs of it slowing down.

(6) Wayne Rooney

(WHAT?) I have a feeling that Mr. Rooney will finish the season so strong that many will drop season held players in order to fit him in to their line ups.

(7) Sadio Mane

Southampton need goals and after careful consideration I am putting my money on Mane to get the job done. Not fixture proof but he will be needed in your side as the season comes to a close.

(8) Daniel Sturridge

His best is yet to come and we all know what that means. Cannot fit in Kane or Aguero. A slice of Bony/Sturridge will serve you almost as well!!

(9) Theo Walcott

Arsenal will frustrate you on exactly who will start and who will sit but even at his retail price of 9.24 Walcott will be a necessary link if you plan on a strong finish.

(10) Angel Di Maria

If he has not hurt himself there is no way you will be able to replace his output from now to seasons end. If for any reason he is unable to start (any games) then I would replace with Christian Eriksen who just missed the cut.


So..have I missed anyone?? Where is Sanchez/Hazard/Austin/Ings???

Let me hear it!!