A neutrals look at PSG v Chelsea

Hey this is my different look at the game the other night. Its just something i did for a bit of fun, have a read and let me know what you think good or bad.




Back to city of love for Chelsea as Europes elite club competition stumbled back onto our screens.
Last seasons first leg was a shock to the system to Chelsea, as PSG stung them to win 3-1...would tonight conjour up something close? Could PSG get a win and one that finally stamps down a marker for them to take to an away leg? I wasn't really that arsed, I was just hoping the big swede would turn up (could have gone for the pun there but stood my ground). This team is crying out for its big day in Europe. So am I actually, so if Liverpool would hurry up and get to the Europa League final that would be great lads! Anyways I'm being neutral for this, promise.

The games first chance came on 10 minutes when PSG and the energetic Cavani managed to find a little bit of space to deliver a perfect cross into the chelsea area. The run from Blaze Matuidi isn't picked up (which, if you are a follower of french football, isn't a rare thing) and he powerfully heads towards goal only to see it well saved by the reinstated Courtois. Chelsea, who looked a little dazed, had to thank the keeper again as, about 35 seconds later, Ibrahimovic had a chance but his header was tame. Finally though we saw some chances. Both teams were fantastic without the ball, extremely well organised in the first half. Verratti was doing his Thang and running round like a raging wasp, a lovable one mind you, and he was controlling the game from the middle. Every time I've seen him, which isn't loads il admit, he's impressed and tonight was no different. I'd hate to play against him-he's everywhere, a real pain in the arse, you'd 100 percent have the urge to roundhouse kick him, but then I'd love him on my team. He's full of the energy your team needs, always fighting for every ball that comes his way. His tackle on Hazard on 77 minutes was, eh, lets just say a tad aggressive.

Anyways, back to the action and we had a goal on 36 minutes lucky us!! It was a goal of real quality too. Chelsea win a free kick after Hazard gets fouled for the 9 billionth time. What isn't noticed though, is that Chelsea actually move the ball about 10 yards up from where the foul is given. Clever Bastardos. The ball is lumped into the box, Thiago silva throws his head at it and it rebounds over to John Terry who's pretending to be Dani Alves for 2 minutes. Terry scuffs a cross, it was a scuff I don't care what people say, but it goes straight to Gary Cahill who beautifully flicks it on for the Big Serbian goal machine that is...Branislav Ivanovic. Magic, we've a game on now.
Half time analysis is on, Paul scholes says "PSG need to just need to give it the big man and let him do something with it"I'll leave that one there for you to think about and ponder over.

Right, second half has kicked off PSG, lets see what Chelsea are made of. 10 minutes in the usually reliable Ramieres decides "nah mate I can't be arsed checking this overlap" which results in Blaze Matuidi crossing for the unmarked Edison Cavani to head home. Now Gary Cahill was getting it tight on 5 live for this, but I'm with Roy Keane- I think it's more Big JTs issue. Why doesn't he come across instead to cover and close the gap between him and Cahill? It's not like him to make that type of mistake.

PSG continue to pile on pressure from then on in and after a slalom run from Ibra, the resulting shot is saved by Courtois only for the ball to bounce to Lavezzi and a sort of open goal. He should have scored here. I'll tell you how he should of scored here... HE FUCKING SHOULD HAVE SMASHED IT, but instead he manages to bobble it off two chelsea defenders! Cavani has another chance late on and at the Death Chelsea have Courtois to thank after his best save of the night keeps Ibra at bay.

So it ended 1 all. Sometimes you can be lucky and a 1 all can be mad full of drama. This one wasn't that mad but, for a football fan who enjoys a tactical show down, I quite enjoyed this. Jose will be the happier, CFC are the kings of protecting a lead in the big games and will look to progress. But as I said before, PSG are crying out for their big moment in Europe, the moment it clicks and sends them towards old big ears.

I'll maybe tune in in 3 weeks time and see what happens.