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Yahoo! Fantasy MLS coverage is coming to Never Manage Alone. Join our league today!

We're going stateside with our fantasy coverage as we dive into Major League Soccer. Join our Blog League before the season starts March 6!

Time to celebrate! Fantasy MLS is coming to Never Manage Alone
Time to celebrate! Fantasy MLS is coming to Never Manage Alone
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yahoo! recently announced they will be bringing fantasy football (the non-American variety) across the Atlantic with the addition of their Major League Soccer fantasy game.

In the past, fantasy games for the MLS have closely followed the standard Fantasy Premier League format, with points awarded for typical contributions like Goals, Assists and Clean Sheets, and a limited number of transfers each week, so the addition of the Yahoo! format offers a different approach to the game.

One of the biggest selling points for the Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League game over the official FPL game has been the robust scoring system that takes into account a number of additional metrics, such as Shots on Target, Successful Crosses, Blocked Shots, Corners Won, Tackles Won, Passes Intercepted, Saves and more.

In addition, the unlimited transfers feature gives you the opportunity to field a completely new team each week, which in my opinion makes for a more entertaining game, especially with pricing fluctuations based on performance each week.

We're excited to announce that we'll be focusing our attention on the Yahoo! MLS Fantasy game for the 2015 - 2016 season, which should make the Premier League off-season a lot more fun for all of us fantasy addicts, especially with no other major competitions like the World Cup or European Championships taking place this summer.

The addition of some major names to the league will make for one of the most entertaining seasons yet. Robbie Keane, Kaka, David VillaClint DempseySebastian Giovinco and eventually Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard(maybe?) are just a handful of the world-class players who will be playing soccer in the United States for the upcoming season, so the entertainment value and quality of play in the league should be higher than it's ever been.

Follow the link below and use the league ID and Password to join our league before the season kicks off on March 6. Yahoo! has expanded the limits on their leagues to 5,000 members, so we should be able to fit most of you, but hopefully we'll see the league fill up by the time the season starts, at which point we'll create and announce a second league for you to join.


Beat The Bloggers
League ID: 273
Password: lwfyi15


Keep an eye out for a season preview later in the week to get a better idea of which teams and players you should be considering for your team before our first round of Player Picks comes out next week. We're looking forward to seeing you all in the BtB League, and excited to expand our coverage to another league!