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Week 27 - Five Questions

Man United fantasy options, The Cup Final, Friday night matches are included in this weeks questions.

Soon to be seen falling over in the PL soon?
Soon to be seen falling over in the PL soon?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Week 27 starts with our usual 5 questions.

Q1 - Dare you risk any Manchester United players bar Angel Di Maria this week?

The red devils are home to a Sunderland side in awful form and toothless in attack.  That would normally mean loading up on Utd players in what on paper appears the first glance pick of the fixtures.  Perhaps then it's a sign of how the mighty have fallen that many of you will have to think hard about picking their players this week.

This weekend once again LVG boys were poor away from home, blowing a one nil lead and creating few chances through the game.  In particular once Swansea had turned the game around you expected a final ten minute barrage from Utd and yet nothing was to be seen.   This Utd still very much lack the mental strength of the top teams.

The Manager has seemed unable to find a balance within the starting 11 and they now seem unsure both with and without the ball.  It was at this stage of the season we were expecting to see a side settled into a system of play and fancying their chances for top 4.  Right now with the most difficult run in and playing so poorly that is going to be a big challenge.

However it is Sunderland and it is at Old Trafford so let's look at the possible likely Man Utd starting 11:

David De Gea: 8.22m

Antonio Valencia: 8.62m

Phil Jones: 9m

Marcos Rojo: 6.99m

Luke Shaw: 4.81m

Angel Di Maria: 15.03m

Ander Herrera: 10.69m

Daley Blind: 9.90m

Marouane Fellani: 6.45m

Wayne Rooney: 10.95m

Radamel Falcao: 9.84m

Wow, now if Utd were only in form you could almost pick the whole side couldn't you. Whatever United's form those prices will tempt many. I'm sure DDG, Shaw, Rojo, Herrera and the front two will be in many sides this weekend. Is that a trap based on the cheap prices or are LVG's men finally going to put in a performance?

Q2 - How will the Capital One Cup final between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur affect your likely lineup?

Really this probably relates to Diego Costa if you hold at 5m, Harry Kane considering the double week ahead and those holding at 12m and under and Cesc Fabregas holding at 5m.  Unless I have missed someone the rest are price at a point where you have no heavy discount to let go. Aren't we lucky Chelsea didn't go nuts on Burnley!

For those of you holding all three, what is your plan of attack this week?

Q3 - Will the Liverpool v Manchester City game be a 5 goal thriller again?

Consider the attacking players on show.  Aguero, Yaya Toure, David Silva, Samir Nasri, Edin Dzeko, Wilfried Bony, Raheem Sterling, Phillippe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge.  Even with the midweek European games, Is it possible with both sides needing to win this game can be anything other than a duplicate of last years classic?

Q4 - Do you fancy watching Lionel Messi in the Premier League on a Friday night UK time?

Those of you UK based will be familiar with this news but those of you outside the UK may not be. Last week the Premier League announced the new Television deal that runs between the 2016-2019 seasons.

The winners were long standing partner Sky Sports and newish comer BT Sport.  The combined deal comes in at £5.1billion pounds and is an increase of an astonishing 70% on the existing £3 billion deal. The deal only accounts for live games and UK TV rights.  In addition there will be a highlights package which was purchased by the BBC for £204million, before at the end of the year the overseas rights will be sold.  The estimate is of a total package around £8 billion.

The clubs will of course benefit with hugely increased income. The estimate prize for winning the league will be £152 million (up £52m) and the side finishing bottom £92 million (up £30m).

Two things immediately spring to mind. Firstly the Premier League more than ever will have the financial clout to attract the world's top players.  While we cannot trade in a sunny climate and a Mediterranean lifestyle, we will be able to simply outbid many European rivals. It may be too late for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo but the bright young things of world football will be coming our way.

The second issue is that from 2016 we will be having live Friday night games. I would imagine the Champions League clubs will benefit most from this allowing them to move games increasing the rest period prior to the midweek European trips.

All of this will mean some discomfort for the actual matchday fans, their lifestyle and their wallets.  Straight away we are to expect an increase to our TV package.  Its around £40-£50 per month for Sky Sports and £10 for BT Sport if you do not have their internet.  The traditional 3pm Saturday afternoon kickoffs continual to reduce, something from a fans point of view I find both sad and from a travel point of view very frustrating.  Once more the League require you to travel on a work day and/or travel very early or later to get to the games all to suit TV's desires.

Still from an armchair fan's point of view we will soon see the richest Premier League in history, the first £500,000 a week player and that at this point is the league priority.

Q5 - Who is this week's trap pick?

Last week it was Thibaut Courtois (again) Theo Walcott (again rested) and Romelu Lukaku - how many of you risked him?

Angel Di Maria, Wayne Rooney, Kun Arguero, Alexis Sanchez, someone else, who will be this week's trap pick?