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New Resources Available in the Library Section

We're always working to make the blog better for our readers, and today we've got two new additions we think you'll be excited about.

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These guys heard about the new pages on Never Manage Alone
These guys heard about the new pages on Never Manage Alone
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

When deciding your fantasy team each week, it's important to take a number of factors into account. In addition to the price and form of all the available players you can find in the Yahoo! Fantasy Football database, it's also vital to review the fixture list and reported injuries for each Premier League team to inform your decisions as you work to build a perfect squad.

In the past, fantasy managers (myself included) would need to have multiple sites pulled up in order to find all the information they needed to put their teams together. Now, we're working to streamline that process and make NMA a one-stop shop for all your fantasy information needs.

Making use of valuable resources provided by and, we've built two new pages that will be permanently housed in the "Library" section of the blog, which you can find in the menu along the top of the page, along with FanShots and FanPosts (which we could always use more of!).

The first new page in the library is the Premier League Fixtures & Results page, which includes a real-time display of the upcoming week's matches, including kickoff time and a host of other valuable information (even the latest betting odds available from Bet365) to help you decide where to invest your funds. There is also information available from previous weeks for you to review if you're so inclined.

Some of you may have already been aware of the second page, as it was announced in the comments of another article last month, but it's never been officially announced. The Premier League Injuries page is another real-time display, only instead of fixtures and results it displays the full list of reported injuries, organized by club.

Feel free to bookmark these pages for easy visiting throughout the week, but also remember they're just a click away under the "Library" menu item at the top of the page site-wide.

It's our hope that with these resources available to you all in one place, you'll more easily be able to assemble your fantasy teams each week, and hopefully also have more time to join us in the comment section to add your thoughts to this already wonderful community.

Get started here (all you regulars chime in too!) by letting us know what other improvements you'd like to see for the site as we continue our efforts to become the best online resource for all things fantasy Premier League.