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Week 4 MLS Fantasy Player Picks

With so many players gone on international duty, you may not know who to pick. Here's your answers ahead of this tough week!

Sebastian Giovinco has to show why he got his big contract this weekend
Sebastian Giovinco has to show why he got his big contract this weekend
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Previous Week Recap!

The lack of goals really stole the show last week, and it's actually really annoying for someone who is used to there being 25+ goals a week as a usual. I did terrible, but wasn't really paying attention because I was being a little kid again for once and going to Lego-fest in St. Louis! I finished with an abysmal 61 points. Gavin's off to the best start in the world, literally, as he is #1 on the big board! Congrats man!

Last Week's Talking Points!

New York Red Bulls had a very convincing win (sadly) against my team, the great D.C. United *goes and cries in a corner*. The scoreline was 2-0 as Red Bull Arena continues to be a fortress, there has only been 7 teams in the last 2 years to beat NYRB at home. Lloyd Sam had another great game, scoring a goal. Bradley Wright-Phillips was also on point as he bagged one as well, starting his goalscoring account for the year.

Octavio Rivero! The definition of clutch in Websters should be changed to Octavio Rivero! What a beast! He grabbed a diving header goal in the 90+6 minute to get Vancouver the win over Orlando City! He's scored 3 goals in 3 games, and has scored all Vancouver goals, with 2 of the 3 being after the 85th minute. Clutch.

This is from today (Wednesday) but who cares. The USMNT lost a friendly to Lord Bendtner, I mean Denmark. The USA went up 1-0 in the 19th minute from a Jozy Altidore strike, making his goalscoring record for the USA to 27 goals in 78 games. Lord Bendtner wouldn't let this early strike be it though, as he replied in the 33rd minute. It was all level until the 66th minute, as Jozy grabbed a ball out of the air from Michael Bradley and had an open shot..... but elected the sweat it to Aron Johannsson who put it away cooly. It looked all tulips and roses from then on, until Lord Bendtner decided to ruin the party and bag a nicely placed goal off a set-piece mishap. As a USA fan, we live and die by the set piece, so this was very bitter. Then, if a draw wasn't enough, Bendtner showed some amazing skill to bring a ball down on the right corner of the box, and hit it perfectly on the half-volley into the left side-netting. The Lord had brought the demise of the USMNT with a hattrick. And so there ends my tail, of how a Lord took down an empire and how the US cannot close games to save all there families if need be.

Player Picks!

So this one is a really hard one, especially with so many on the international duties. I've gone with a more outside the box approach, find the best players that could make an impact this week not on international duty, and write about them! I'm such a genious! Let's get into it!

New England Revolution vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Montreal Impact vs. Orlando City
D.C. United vs. LA Galaxy
NYCFC vs. Sporting Kansas City
Columbus Crew SC vs. New York Red Bulls
Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Portland Timbers
Houston Dynamo vs. Colorado Rapids
FC Dallas vs. Seattle Sounders
Chicago Fire vs. Philadelphia Union
Real Salt Lake vs. Toronto FC

Of course the one week everyone big is gone, everyone plays! YAY MLS SCHEDULING!!!!!


Tyler Deric (Houston)- Colorado are the Aston Villa of the MLS. They haven't scored, home or away, in 420 minutes, and that's who Mr. Deric is playing. This will be a good game to regain confidence for the man, as he scored the loosing own goal in the game week 2, and should've done better on the opening Robbie Keane goal last week.

Brian Rowe (LA)- With Jaime Penedo on international duty for Panama, there is almost no reason for this guy to start. He played well earlier when Penedo was "injured" and should do well against (sadly again) my DC United team, who seem lackluster at most. LA haven't lost any defenders, so they'll still be rocks at the back.

Bill Hamid (DC United)- Hamid may be a little discouraged by his performance last week, but should bounce back well, that's what he does. He's playing an LA Galaxy team without Keane or Zardes. He might be too expensive for the risk still, but he could be a good choice if your into those high-priced keepers.

Josh Saunders (NYCFC)- Josh has probably been the most in-form keeper this year so far, and playing a sputtering KC, I see no end to the streak. KC just can't seem to generate enough offense, plane and simple.


Hernan Grana (Columbus)- Grana has been a real rock on defense for fantasy points. He didn't have a game last week, so his price has dropped a little below 7m. He's playing the Red Bulls, meaning he probably won't get a cleansheet, but could get many PI and TW and such, plus he's a wingback instead of centerback, so he gets crosses in as well. This could be a big game for the new lad.

DeMarcus Beasley (Houston)- Leftbacks seem to be big this week to me, but you con't deny Beasley's point-scoring probability. He's playing Colorado for god sakes! It should be a pretty easy cleansheet, and he gets forward with crosses and SOT. He may be high priced at 10.65m, but he could be a good option for your team.

Eric Gehrig (Chicago)- The dude seems to be a must now-a-days in fantasy MLS. 9.47 and has had 10, 13, 11 as his fantasy pulls this year. WITH NO CLEANSHEETS! He's playing Philly, this could be a cleanie, meaning the dude could score around the 20pt range this week. Gehrig has to be in your team. Now that I've said that, prepare for a negative score cause that seems to be the trend so far this year. I'm joking, the dude's a beast, and you need him.

Victor Cabrera (Montreal)- With Montreal having 2 of their defensive players gone on international duty, the loanee from River Plate should get another start and do well. He's 3.57, so if you feel, might as well pick someone up for your bench if your a skeptic. He scored 8pts last week in his first start. They are playing Orlando, who technically haven't scored any goals of their own in the run of play. Week 1 Kaka had a deflected free kick go in and week 2 there was a terrible own goal by Tyler Deric. Montreal are home as well which gives a boost.

Omar Gonzalez (LA)- Omar surprisingly didn't get called into USMNT camp, and should be looking for blood and revenge versus DC United :( DC didn't look too good on set pieces, and that's where Omar scores goals. DC also didn't look too potent attacking, which could mean cleansheet. There may be a double whammy here.


Lloyd Sam (NYRB)- The man came through last week as I told you he would, and I see no stop. He seems to coming into his own as he has been given more freedom to roam inside. He's in-form, and could shred Columbus if he feels like it. Goal #3 on the season is my prediction.

Graham Zusi (Sporting KC)- Zusi has been quiet this season with his team seeming to be not really into it yet, but I feel this could be Zusi's game. He's playing NYCFC and Josh Saunders, but he get's in a lot of crosses, is on corners, and works into the middle. He may not score, but I could see double digit phantom points this week.

Kristinn Steindorsson (Columbus)- What a name ey? With Justin Meram on international duty with Iraq, he is most likely the starter. He's at 6.1m, and when he played week 1, scored a decent 6 points. He could pay you back for your money and more, or he could be a flop, be careful. I'm still recommending him because his price and he has the possibility to make some bank.

Carlos Rivas (Orlando)- I'm going to go out on a limb and saying Rivas could get another start here with Molino gone. He's 1.54, so 2 points will pay you back, and you can use the extra money towards a bigger player. He could work as a bench player as well if need be. If they play him up front, he could be a very good differential player.

Matias Perez-Garcia (San Jose)- It's Matias again, and rightfully so. The guy has scored 12 points two consecutive weeks, and against the Revs could do it again. He's a reasonable price of 7.23, and seems to be growing well, and can feed the balls in from the wings, and also do a little combo play with some guys on the inside.


Quincy Amarikwa (Chicago)- Chicago is off to a bad start, no denying it. They should have some urgency this week as they are playing Philly, and this is the best chance for a win in a lot of weeks ahead. He's a decent 11.75 for a striker, and is Chicago's go-to man. He seems to win fouls a lot, and that's what Philly does, foul. He should earn his money back, and I have the hunch that he'll score. Urgency urgency urgency.

Alan Gordon (LA)- With both Zardes and Keane out on duty, Gordon is the obvious choice to start. He's priced at 4.54, and could be a big deference maker in your's and LA's squad. The only problem is he might not be able to last the full 90. He's usually a bench player that specializes in the winning goal around the 90 minute mark, but I'm willing to take a chance of the man at his price.

Octavio Rivero (Vancouver)- You know the drill with this guy, late, game-winning goals. He has all of Vancouver's goals, and is a beast. He is 5.08, and many people have him at 1m. Keep him for life.

Patrick Mullins (NYCFC)- Now, this one I didn't know where to put it, because in real life, he's a striker, in fantasy he's a mid. With Nemec gone for NYCFC with Slovakia in Euro qualifiers, he should get a start, and in his one cameo off the bench, him and Villa looked like they had a good understanding, as he scored a goal and made some excellent runs. He's 7.36, and he's in my team. Why not take the punt right?

Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto)- Now, he's the flip-flop of Mullins, he plays CAM in real life, and forward on the game. With Jozy and Bradley gone, Sebastian needs to prove why he's worth the 7 million dollar paycheck, and that he belongs here. He could also be playing angry, because he didn't get called to the Italy squad, even though he most of the time does. Could there be some anti-biased against the MLS in that one? hmmm? Anyways, he will have to prove himself worthy of all of it, and this could be his week. This is mainly a hunch.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Tell me your teams down below, and wish me better as I am a little under the weather this week. Without premier league I encourage you guys to check out a game or two.

Current Team (Vamos DC United):
Bench: Diskerud/Hines/Rivas/Bingham