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Week 31 Premier League Preview: 5 Questions

If you are like me, you are heading into Game Week 31 with trepidation, as the upcoming double Game Week for the two teams fighting for their Premier League lives is nothing to get overly excited for...

Spring is in the air
Spring is in the air
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

1. Does it make sense to load up on Aston Villa and Queens Park Rangers players?

You can probably field a starting 11 full of double gamers, but do you really want to? Aston Villa is away to Manchester United and home to QPR, while QPR plays two away games at West Bromwich Albion and at Aston Villa. I have Green, Caulker, Sinclair ($1) and Austin. How many double gamers will you be going with?

2. Is Rob Green, priced at $2.53, too good to pass up for the double Game Week?

He scored a -6 last Game Week, but away to West Bromwich Albion team that scored 27 goals in 30 games and an Aston Villa team that scored 19 goals in 30 games, with 4 of those coming against Sunderland, is not exactly terrifying. Granted, QPR lost its last 5 games, allowing 11 goals, but I love me some cheap goalkeepers and the prospect of Green playing twice is that much more enticing.

3. When will Sergio Aguero finally score a Premier League goal and is it a sound idea to hold on to him this Game Week away to Crystal Palace?

"Kun" Aguero last netted domestically on December 21, 2014, against Newcastle. He also scored 18 points last Game Week without scoring a goal. Crystal Palace has kept 6 clean sheets all season long (QPR has 5 and Aston Villa has 8, for example). Does it make sense to keep Aguero this Game Week and, if not, which other strikers present better options?

4. Can Harry Kane continue his dream season against Burnley?

It's Harry Kane's world, we just live in it. Kane scored 78 points in the last 3 Game Weeks. Burnley at home, however, has kept 6 clean sheets and most recently beat Manchester City. What gives this Game Week?

5. Who is your "hunch" single game player this Game Week?

Aaron Ramsey's "goal + assist" performance against Israel has greatly piqued my interest in him this Game Week. Priced at $10.11 and playing home against Liverpool is not the best of fixtures, but I still fancy him to do well. What are your "hunch" single gamers this week?