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EPL Double Game Week 34 - Five Questions

Another double Game Week is upon us. This time around, however, rather than having 2 teams play twice, we have 4: Leicester City, Hull City, Chelsea and Liverpool. As seen during last double Game Week, it is not only imperative to load up on the Double Gamer's but to pick a Matt Phillips like performer and not a Scott Sinclair...

Is time running out for Steve Bruce and Hull City?
Is time running out for Steve Bruce and Hull City?
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Question 1: Liverpool has the best looking run of games on paper, away to West Bromwich Albion and Hull City. With the team's often flat performance, feeble defense and an injury prone striker who may not play in either of the two games, does it make sense to pick the three midfielders (Sterling, Henderson, Coutinho) and look for strikers/defenders elsewhere?

Question 2: Who will be this Game Week's Matt Phillips and Christian Benteke?

Question 3: Is Eden Hazard, away to Arsenal and Leicester City, and priced at £ 20.37, a must have this Game Week, even at retail?

Question 4: Does Hull City have a chance to become the surprise team of the weekend, or will it continue its downward spiral into the relegation?

Question 5: What single gamers are you holding on to?