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EPL Game Week 34 Pre-Deadline Chat

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Ah, the double Game Week, how I [insert one] "love/loathe" thee! By now, we should all be familiar with the rule of thumb: pick as many double gamers as you possibly can. This Game Week, players from four teams are in contention to potentially improve or further sink your YFF hopes.

Will Schmeichel be cheering again this week? A lot of us will be hoping so!
Will Schmeichel be cheering again this week? A lot of us will be hoping so!
Michael Regan/Getty Images

The choices are plenty, but no one, other than the Liverpool midfield stands out. Eden Hazard? Most managers will have him. Does Mo Diame start both games for Hull City? I think so.

The best goalkeeper for the double? Thibaut Courtois is probably the safest and the most expensive choice but Kasper Schmeichel is the most economic one, especially for those who have him at £1. I am, without a doubt, hesitant to hand the Danish keeper three starts in a row, as I had him last week, but believe that he could make plenty of saves to keep me and fellow managers in the "positive" column.

The striker position is a nightmare, as no one other than Sergio Aguero at home against Aston Villa looks "attractive." Sure, Didier Drogba, who has 15 goals in 15 games against Arsenal, has recovered from an ankle problem and will likely lead Chelsea against the Gunners, but I doubt that the Ivorian plays twice, as Diego Costa could be fit to face Leicester City.

In defense, things don’t get any easier: Liverpool has less clean sheets than Burnley, Hull concedes goals for fun, Leicester's luck may be running out, and Chelsea plays two tough games away.


Mrs. and I are traveling for a mini-vacation to Florida today, so the team below will likely stay, unless we go bar hopping in Tampa tonight - a real possibility.

Schmeichel, Cresswell, Huth, Wollschied, Cambiasso, Sterling, Hazard, Diame, Coutinho, N'Doye, Aguero.

What are you dwelling on, how are your teams shaping up? Best of luck this Game Week!