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EPL Week 34: Double Games Live Chat

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Let's get ready for more exciting EPL action as Hull host Liverpool on Tuesday, and Leicester City host Chelsea on Wednesday.

Christopher Lee/Getty Images

This Game Week, thus far, has been defined by the performance of one player, Dame N'Doye. His 34 point haul against Crystal Palace, with only marginal ownership, meant that those managers who had faith in the Senegalese striker are currently sitting on 100+ point scores, ready for game two of the double Game Week. The performance of the Liverpool "stalwarts" Philippe Coutinho and, in particular, Raheem Sterling had left many managers scratching their heads. Can Liverpool get off the schneid, and perform like many envisioned in Kingston upon Hull? We will find out in just a few hours...

In tomorrow's match-up, the team that most pundits were picking to go back down to the Championship, Leicester City, is out of the relegation zone and could climb to as high as the 15th place with a win against the Chelsea team which is poised to win another title with Jose Mourinho as their manager...

I am currently on 115 points with Schmeichel, Huth, Cambiasso, Sterling, Hazard, Diame, Coutinho and N'Doye to go. How has this Game Week been treating you thus far?

Let's chat.