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EPL Game Week 37: Live Chat

We have all loaded up on double gamers. Now it is time to hopefully "reap the rewards"...

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

After long deliberations about the Game Week 37 team and with the news that Jordi Gomez will miss the remainder of the season, the most sound decision was to go with a neutral keeper and plenty of Arsenal firepower. The fact that Aaron Ramsey has not trained the whole week, however, further complicated the midfield formation and created doubt in the minds of many fantasy managers as can be seen from the fact that only 2 out of top 10 fantasy teams have the Welshman in their Starting 11. With that being said, Sanitizer FC has lined up with the following Game Week 37 team (9 double gamers):


van Aanholt/Jones/Bellerin/Cresswell



Good luck this Game Week and let's hope that Mr. Gazzaniga can get things moving in a positive direction by getting a few saves and a clean sheet.