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Week 38 Premier League Preview: 5 Questions

It's not over until it's over and all that. Looking ahead to week 38, we have 5 more questions for you.

Maybe getting a game this week at a great price
Maybe getting a game this week at a great price
Michael Regan/Getty Images

So here we are, week 38 and in the EPL it has come down to a relegation battle that's seems on paper alone predictable and a Europa Cup spot I'm not sure whether the clubs do or don't want.

In our world however it's all to play for with blog leagues and private leagues in the balance.  Lets look ahead.

1) What are you fighting for this week?

I'm in blog 3 which has been well and truly controlled by RonaldO who has a 106 point lead on 4028 overall points.  If you are out there Ronny give us a shout and take your applause.

Who are leading the remaining groups and who still has chance of glory?

2) Meanwhile in the Official Game blog league 1

Its an almighty straight fight between two regular contributors to NMA.

Garthbutchers leads with 2198pts with chasing hard Yewy or Yew Tee on 2179pts.  Garth holds the advantage of points in the bag and a certain Kun in his side but Yewy won't have given up yet.

Take a look at their sides and squads, who should they consider to seal or steal the title?

3) Will Manchester United takes Ryan Giggs request and give the kids a chance at Hull City?

I'm sure Newcastle fans are unhappy with the rumour/idea but with top 4 safe LVG has been offered a chance to give one or two a run out before the season's end.

I don't see mass changes but Adnan Januzai £3.90m and James Wilson £2.77m have great chances of a run out in this one.  Its very risky to pick them as starter but with both likely going on loan next season (hopefully in the EPL) it's a good chance to put them in the shop window.

Also if David De Gea has played his final game of the season and perhaps his career at Man Utd (sound of Stall sobbing) then Victor Valdes £2.86m is one more super cheap Red Devil option.

4) Who goes?

Its a fight between Newcastle, Sunderland and Hull for the final relegation spot.  Sunderland go to Arsenal midweek and a point makes them safe.  Assuming that doesn't happen the final weekend looks like this

Sunderland 37 pts -20 GD

Newcastle 36 pts -25 GD

Hull 34 pts - 18 GD

If Hull upset Utd then Newcastle must beat West Ham and should they do that Sunderland must get a point at the Bridge.

5) What is your best fantasy highlight of the season?

What though has been your fantasy highlight in the 2014/15 season?

I missed the Kun 4 goal haul v Tottenham (schoolboy error) but mine is either the Charlie Austin 42pt haul against West Bromwich Albion or Christian Benteke's 45pts in the double week.  I will go with the Benteke as first it fired me back into the top 1000 and second I almost never had the points until somehow Yahoo and Nik worked some magic.

Looking ahead

We will repeat ourselves over the course of this week but thanks to all who contributed over the season.  We have up and downs thanks to Yahoo's efforts but as normal the community itself has overshadowed any of the games efforts.

Through the summer we will review the season and players, update you on transfers, launch dates of the fantasy games we play (hopefully with positive Yahoo news) and anything else we can think of.  Please take the time to check as often as possible and post a comment or two.