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Week 37 - Arsenal v Sunderland Live Chat

A big game for Sunderland but a bigger game for us and our YFF sides.

Hoping he starts tonight?
Hoping he starts tonight?
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Time to round off week 37 with the remaining fixture Arsenal v Sunderland.

The Gunners can still pinch second with a win tonight and one more against West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.  To do so though they would need Manchester CIty to lose at home to Southampton, so in all likelihood they finish third.  This then could mean a change in the Arsenal line up tonight with Wenger making comments that one or two a showing the negative signs of the consistent starts.  Santi Cazorla went off on Sunday early and could be a surprise option or perhaps Aaron Ramsey who hasn't been able to train much over the last couple weeks.  Theo Walcott/Jack Wilshere will both have hopes of a start then.

For Sunderland they need just a point from their two remaining games to survive.  Problem is those games are away to Champions Chelsea on Sunday and the Arsenal game tonight.  Both sides are looking to bounce back from dropped points and you get the feeling Sunderland will be relying on others on Sunday.

For me I hope to have ten starters tonight but suspect one or two will find themselves benched.

Who do you have left?

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