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Week 38 Fantasy Premier League Player Picks

So one more bash at fun for a couple months. Lets take a look at some options.

2014/15 player of the year, is he in your side?
2014/15 player of the year, is he in your side?
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The final player picks of the season see's us with a few teams with pride rather than objective to play for.  I'm not really buying into the idea players care about the extra income clubs earn from league position.

For me this makes picking the type of player who loves playing a little more attractive or at least the ones I think do.  Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, John Terry, Alexis Sanchez, kun etc.  Of course picking player playing for something so the relegation spots in particular helps.

Thibaut Courtois

If you think he starts and Petr Cech doesn't get a Chelsea swansong then he is the best pick this week.  JT/Jose will not want to see a sloppy defensive showing and the side will likely go out with a win.  One note of caution, even if Cech doesn't start he may get a sub appearance knowing Jose's wonderful man management skills.  Cech has been an outstanding signing for Chelsea and deserves one more moment in the sun with them.  Would this happen before or after the 75min mark?

Kasper Schmeichel

The leagues end of season form side host Queens Park Rangers.  Id imagine a great atmosphere again and a home win.  At 1m he may still be my keeper but I cant see 4 clean sheets in a row, can you?

Victor Valdez

Super cheap but as I keep pointing out the current Manchester United side are a par team and nothing to be scared off.   Hulls desire may see them achieve and I don't see a clean sheet knowing the Tigers must attack.  I do though see many saves and if i'm wrong on the clean sheet he can go big if DDG is out.

John Terry/Branislav Ivanovic

I love a clean sheet in this one and both are a goal scoring chance.  I often don't catch the Ivan goal and as I may have him you may wish to consider cautiously.

Kieran Trippier

Now I know nobody will pick him up in an away game just under 18M.  But he has been one of the games elite fantasy players this season and has scored 18, 15, 14 and 18 in the last fours weeks alone.

Seamus Coleman

The phase that comes to mind was one I used when I was a moron teen many years back, "check it check it out".  Yeah I was one of those people and yet do indeed check our Mr Coleman at a fantastic price of 8.66m.  I'm not impressed with Spurs at all and Coleman can exploit Danny Roses defending at LB as Elmo did most of the game last week.  So yeah, CHECK IT.

Aleksandar Kolarov

Like Trips too expensive for a defender but 24, 29, 33 and 8 pts in his last four and a home fixture.

Aaron Ramsey/Santi Cazorla/Theo Walcott

Assuming he starts and there is always a risk there, Ramsey has looked Arsenals sharpest midfield player for me in recent games. Just under 12m I picked him up on the BD.  Santi has pens in his locker and it's a toss up between the two.  Perhaps the pick of the lot is Theo.  A flat Arsenal side need a pick me up and his multi sub appearances have been sharp.  I think he starts and is my week 38 alternative pick.

Jack Grealish

He has been excellent at home and is a nice price against a side who struggle to keep possession.

Eden Hazard

Party time at the bridge and player of the year Hazard can and I say will end it with a goal or two.

Riyad Mahrez

I'm never sure he will start but he is a real livewire and got to go over 10pts in this one, maybe 20+.  Do you think he starts?

Moussa Sissoko

Quietly the best player for Newcastle and has has taken up the challenge of the fight.  Back to back double digit scores and at just under 8m a decent alternative pick this week.

Charlie Adam

Liverpool are not in a great place right now and it's at those times old boys who you let go punish you.  Adam has been threatening to be the fantasy Adam of old since Christmas.

Alexis Sanchez/Kun/Diego Costa

The pre Christmas dream trio up top will all start and you may pick them all up as they all have home games this week.

Christian Benteke

I believe top scorer in 2015 in the EPL. My only concern is with the Villa boys or manager, be careful one week from the cup final.

Glenn Murray

One more place having a party will be Selhurst Park.  Once again they survived, took some scalps and are building a nice little side.  Murray has been their most dangerous player and I'm liking at least one goal to start the party.

Jamie Vardy

Finally one more feel good story.  Vardy has played all levels of the game and is an example of a player or person making the most of their chances in life.  I feel he is one of those desperate to play every week and one more livewire performance will be the result.  In the 2014/15 season home to QPR has been a forwards dream game.