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Rank the Fantasy Options: EPL Week 38

For the final time this season, we're asking you to vote for your favorites in our fantasy Premier League poll. Get to ranking!

The man to keep the Magpies up?
The man to keep the Magpies up?
Stu Forster/Getty Images

The consensus of many voices can be a better indicator of success than the opinions of one "expert". That's why we're turning to you to cast your votes for some of the most enticing fantasy options for Week 37.

Help your fellow fantasy managers by voting for which players you think will perform well this week, and voting against those who you think are best left out of fantasy squads this weekend.

You can click on the Thumbs Up icon to vote for a player you think is a good fantasy option this week, or alternately give a Thumbs Down to somebody you're not a fan of.  If you're on the fence or neutral, you can leave those players without a ranking.

As more people vote, the rankings will take shape to give you an idea of who your fellow fantasy managers are tipping to do well this weekend. You can also change any of your rankings as more votes come in to help your favorites move up the rankings and push your less desired options to the bottom of the table.

Happy voting!

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